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Description : At present, New Zealand is __________ (A) just an agricultural country. (B) the most highly developed industrial country in the South Pacific area. (C) a leading industrial and agricultural country in the South Pacific. (D) a backward pastoral country.

Answer : (C) a leading industrial and agricultural country in the South Pacific. 

Description : The beginning of the 21st century is noted for the growth of __________ (A) tourism in New Zealand. (B) New Zealand’s industries. (C) its agriculture. (D) its independence movement. 

Answer : (A) tourism in New Zealand. 

Description : Which statement is not true about New Zealand? (A) Awareness to be independent of any foreign power is very strong in New Zealand. (B) New Zealand allows US ships with nuclear weapons to enter and use its ... problems. (D) The people of New Zealand want the South Pacific Ocean to be a zone of peace.

Answer : (B) New Zealand allows US ships with nuclear weapons to enter and use its ports. 

Description : New Zealand is second after __________ in the production of __________ (A) Canada … dairy products. (B) the U.K. … textiles. (C) Australia … wool. (D) the USA … consumer electronics.

Answer : (C) Australia … wool. 

Description : New Zealand’s famous dessert is called __________ (A) “Pavlova” cake. (B) Paua Shells. (C) Buzzy bee. (D) Lemon Paeroa.

Answer : (A) “Pavlova” cake. 

Description : What can be said about the outdoor activities in New Zealand? (A) They are greatly enjoyed by New Zealanders. (B) They are not enjoyed by New Zealanders at all. (C) New Zealanders like them, ... home and spend more time with their families. (D) New Zealanders are rather fans than outdoor activists. 

Answer : (A) They are greatly enjoyed by New Zealanders. 

Description : Edmund Hillary is __________ (A) a writer. (B) a nuclear physicist. (C) an actor. (D) a traveller. 

Answer : (D) a traveller.  

Description : Which of these famous people was not born in New Zealand? (A) Katherine Mansfield (B) Nicole Kidman (C) Ernest Rutherford (D) Sam Neill

Answer : (B) Nicole Kidman 

Description : The cold months in New Zealand are __________ (A) December – February. (B) March – May. (C) June – August. (D) September – November.

Answer : (C) June – August. 

Description : That New Zealand’s contribution against Nazi Germany was the greatest of all the former British dominions is __________ (A) a little known fact. (B) a well-known fact. (C) a common fact. (D) a proven fact.

Answer : (A) a little known fact. 

Description : What is known about the native population of New Zealand at present? (A) The natives are quite satisfied with their living conditions. (B) The natives live on good lands. (C) Both in the cities ... of the European New Zealanders. (D) The natives are never at peace with the other New Zealanders. 

Answer : (C) Both in the cities and in the rural areas, the life of the natives is worse than that of the European New Zealanders.

Description : The largest city in New Zealand is __________ (A) Dunedin. (B) Wellington. (C) Christchurch. (D) Auckland.

Answer : (D) Auckland. 

Description : In New Zealand, the head of the state is __________ (A) the British Monarch. (B) the Governor-General. (C) the Prime Minister. 

Answer : (A) the British Monarch. 

Description : New Zealand’s legislative body is called __________ (A) the Senate. (B) the Congress. (C) the House of Commons. (D) the House of Representatives.

Answer : (D) the House of Representatives.

Description :  __________ is the capital of New Zealand. (A) Dunedin (B) Christchurch (C) Auckland (D) Wellington

Answer : (D) Wellington 

Description : New Zealand is __________ (A) a parliamentary democracy. (B) a presidential republic. (C) a monarchy. (D) a commonwealth.

Answer : (A) a parliamentary democracy. 

Description : New Zealand’s longest river is __________ (A) the Fraser. (B) the Avon. (C) the Waikato. (D) the Mackenzie.

Answer : (C) the Waikato. 

Description : In New Zealand, the largest lake is __________ (A) Lough Neagh. (B) Lake Taupo. (C) Loch Ness. (D) Ontario.

Answer : (B) Lake Taupo. 

Description : New Zealand’s natural dangers do not include __________ (A) earthquakes. (B) volcanoes. (C) snakes. (D) climate.

Answer : (C) snakes. 

Description : New Zealand became independent by adopting the Statute of Westminster in __________ (A) 1840. (B) 1907. (C) 1931. (D) 1947.

Answer : (C) 1931. 

Description : On New Zealand’s coat of arms, we can see __________ (A) two European men. (B) a European woman and a Maori man. (C) a Maori woman and a European man. (D) two European women.

Answer : (B) a European woman and a Maori man. 

Description : Poetically, the Aboriginal population in New Zealand is called __________ (A) the Knights of the Round Table. (B) Merry Men. (C) the People of the Long White Cloud. (D) the Vikings of the Sunrise.

Answer : (D) the Vikings of the Sunrise. 

Description : The Maoris began to fight bitterly against the British rule because __________ (A) they were much stronger than the British. (B) they were deceived by the British about their lands. (C) the British wanted to conquer the country. (D) the Maoris were just a warlike people. 

Answer : (B) they were deceived by the British about their lands. 

Description : The name “New Zealand” is of __________ origin. (A) British (B) Polynesian (C) Maori (D) Dutch

Answer : (D) Dutch 

Description : The first settlers in New Zealand were __________ (A) the Maoris. (B) the Iberians. (C) the Australians. (D) the Europeans.

Answer : (A) the Maoris. 

Description : New Zealand is situated in the southwest __________ (A) Pacific. (B) Atlantic. (C) Antarctic. (D) Indian.

Answer : (A) Pacific. 

Description : Officially, the country is called __________ (A) New Zealand. (B) the Commonwealth of New Zealand. (C) the Union of New Zealand. (D) the Realm of New Zealand.

Answer : (D) the Realm of New Zealand. 

Description : At present, Australia is __________ (A) the least developed country in the South Pacific. (B) the most developed country in the South Pacific. (C) an agriculture country. (D) a developing country.

Answer : (B) the most developed country in the South Pacific. 

Description : Which statement is not said by an Australian? (A) We are more inclined to think about how to amuse ourselves than how to work. (B) Australia is a synthesis of Britain and America. (C) The ... with the American Stars and Stripes. (D) The 2000 Sydney Olympic Games are the best games ever.  

Answer : (D) “The 2000 Sydney Olympic Games are the best games ever.” 

Description : Which statement is wrong about Australia? (A) Australia is still trying to come to terms with its dependence on foreign powers. (B) Australians prefer to keep to what has already been tried and ... never attempt to avoid anything original and unfamiliar. (D) Australians have their own folk life. 

Answer : (C) Australians never attempt to avoid anything original and unfamiliar. 

Description : Australian hockey is called __________ (A) ice hockey. (B) field hockey. (C) grass hockey. (D) ball hockey.

Answer : (B) field hockey. 

Description : Aussie Rules are __________ (A) the Australian legislation. (B) the Australian constitution. (C) the Australian unique sport. (D) the Australian grammar.

Answer : (C) the Australian unique sport. 

Description : Which name does not fit the list? (A) Sydney Nolan (B) Arthur Byard (C) Fred Williams (D) Joan Sutherland

Answer : D (D is an opera diva; the rest are painters.)

Description : __________ is recognized as one of the great English-language writers of the 20th century. (A) Patrick White (B) Dimfna Cusack (C) Katherine Prichard (D) Henry Lawson

Answer : (A) Patrick White 

Description : __________ is the famous Australian aboriginal poetess. (A) Katherine Prichard (B) Dimfna Cusack (C) K. Worker (D) Iris Murdoch

Answer : (C) K. Worker 

Description : The author of “Say No to Death” is __________ (A) Henry Lawson. (B) Katherine Prichard. (C) Dimfna Cusack. (D) A. Marshall.

Answer : (C) Dimfna Cusack. 

Description : Which of the following writers is an Australian classic? (A) Henry Lawson (B) Peter Carey (C) Thomas Keneally (D) K. Johnson

Answer : (A) Henry Lawson 

Description : The Australian culture bears the stamp of __________ ancestry. (A) British (B) American (C) Aboriginal (D) none of the above

Answer : (A) British 

Description : Australia’s oldest university is __________ (A) the University of Sydney. (B) New South Wales University of Technology. (C) the University of Melbourne. (D) Emory University.

Answer : (A) the University of Sydney. 

Description : The Olympic Games were held in Sydney in __________ (A) 1992. (B) 1996. (C) 2000. (D) 2004.

Answer : (C) 2000. 

Description :  __________ is called the Garden City of Australia. (A) Canberra (B) Melbourne (C) Sydney (D) Brisbane

Answer : (A) Canberra 

Description : Originally, the name “Melbourne” was __________ (A) a person’s name. (B) a city’s name. (C) an aboriginal word. (D) a river’s name.

Answer : (A) a person’s name. 

Description :  __________ is considered the cultural capital of Australia. (A) Sydney (B) Canberra (C) Brisbane (D) Melbourne

Answer : (D) Melbourne 

Description : The capital of Australia is __________ (A) Canberra. (B) Melbourne. (C) Sydney. (D) Brisbane.

Answer : (A) Canberra. 

Description : Which statement is right? (A) The Aborigines have never been struggling to survive and to resist the official policy. (B) The modern political issue now is for the government of Australia to apologize to ... . (D) None of the Aboriginal languages has ever been taught at school as a second language.

Answer : (B) The modern political issue now is for the government of Australia to apologize to the Aborigines for all the injustices suffered by them.

Description : The Australian Aborigines are strangers in their own land __________ (A) because they were never treated as human beings by the new settlers. (B) as they want to live in harmony with their environment. ( ... they are a dying race and remain economically disadvantaged . (D) due to all of the above.

Answer : (D) due to all of the above. 

Description : “Dreamtime” is __________ (A) a book about Australian Aborigines. (B) a film about Australians. (C) a myth about the creation of people, land, culture. (D) a popular music group.

Answer : (C) a myth about the creation of people, land, culture. 

Description : The Australians wanted “to repulse the Russian invasion” by __________ (A) cannons. (B) tanks. (C) submarines. (D) ships.

Answer : (A) cannons. 

Description : The Australian Parliament is located in __________ (A) the White House. (B) the Parliament House. (C) Westminster. (D) Whitehall.

Answer : (B) the Parliament House. 

Description : What is known about Australia’s Great Barrier Reef? (A) It is the world’s largest coral reef. (B) It is in Queensland. (C) It extends for over 2,000 kilometres. (D) All of the above.

Answer : (D) All of the above. 

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