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Description : Carl Heinrich Theodor ____ married well, and was thus able to go into business in 1838. He set up a coffee and chicory roasting operation. His sons hit upon ways of selling bean, pea, ... , and that eventually led them to the distinctive product now associated with their surnames. What surname?

Answer : Knorr.

Description : ‘Daughters of Shame’ is a book written by—

Description : Who was awarded the 2009 Vyas Samman ?

Answer : Amar Kant

Description : Which country has recently announced of having built the world’s highest elevated railway line ?

Answer : China

Description : The motto of CNBC India is—

Answer : Profit from it

Description : What is the full form of CMP ?

Answer : Common Minimum Programme

Description : The first unified theatre commanded by the Indian Defence Forces has been set at

Answer : Andaman Nicobar Islands

Description : The present Chairman of the Cauvery Water Dispute Tribunal is—

Answer : Justice N. P. Singh

Description : Who was ruling over Pakistan at the time when Bangladesh became independent ?

Answer : Yahya Khan

Description : 'Red Revolution' in China took place in—

Answer : 1949

Description : The Government of India in a bid to attract foreign investments into India has appointed the Investment Commission which is headed by—

Answer : Ratan Tata

Description : The abbreviation TRAI stands for—

Answer : Telecom Regulatory Authority of India

Description : Who said, " Man is a Social Animal" ?

Answer : Aristotle

Description : Who is popularly known as 'Missile Man of India' ?

Answer : Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Description : ‘Ramadorai Sujatha’ who was recently in news is a—

Answer : Mathematician

Description : Former Soviet President Mr. Mikhail Gorbachev had become popular for his policy of—

Answer : Perestroika

Description : The Bandung Conference was a major milestone in the history of—

Answer : The Non-Aligned Movement

Description : Fabianism is closely related to—

Answer : Democratic Socialism

Description : World Computer Literacy Day is celebrated on—

Answer : 2nd December

Description : The first airline to allow flyers to surf the net was—

Answer : Singapore Airlines