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Description : What do you mean by turn?

Answer : Ans. Two conductors connected in series by end connection is called turn.

Description : How to Do a Stop Turn in Soccer

Answer : How to Do a Stop Turn in Soccer Soccer involves much bobbing and weaving to avoid defenders. You must have total control over the ball if you want to score a goal or pass to an open teammate. ... . Just devote some time to practice it regularly and you'll soon burn defenders with goals and assists.

Description : How to do a Bootlegger Turn

Answer : How to do a Bootlegger Turn Have you seen that car stunt in movies where the vehicle hurtles towards a roadblock, then swerves on the spot, making a 180 degree turn, before coming back the other way ... you can drive properly and you remember the safety tips, you'll end up with an impressive stunt.

Description : Is gate turn on mechanism of GTO is similar to conventional thyristor?

Answer : Yes gate turn on mechanism of GTO is similar to conventional thyristor.

Description : what is the minimum voltage required to turn on a diode ?

Answer : 0.7 v sil and 0.3 v for gr

Answer : GTO can be turned on by providing positive pulse to the gate terminal and it can be turn off by providing negative pulse to gate terminal.

Answer : No we cannot turn off normal thyristor using Gate.

Description : Draw the structural diagram of GTO. Explain briefly the switching behavior of GTO with the help of appropriate voltage and current waveform.

Answer : Gate Turn Off Thyristor (GTO) Conventional Thyristor can be turned on with gate terminal but can not turn off from gate terminal. But in case of Gate Turn Off Thyristor (GTO), we can turn it on and off ... subdivided as storage period (Ts), fall period (Tp) and tail period (Tt).

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