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Description : of the eight known planet seven has one or more natural satellite name the only two moon less than

Description : How to Make a Solar Oven

Answer : Conventional ovens, although reliable, are expensive and contribute heavily to your electric bill. Gas ranges, on the other hand, are slightly more convenient, although the price of gas has increased through the ... , with a solar oven, you're just a ray of sunshine away from another luscious meal.

Description : How To Make A Model Of Our Solar System

Answer : As a kid, you are a fan of the solar system. You know quite a number of facts about each planet. You even know the number of moons that surround each planet. As the science fair approaches, you are ... award or not, you will surely love the idea that you played God at least once in your life.

Description : How does Solar Energy Work?

Answer : How does Solar Energy Work? The world is facing an energy crisis. Energy resources such as oil and coal not only continue to cost more, but when burned contribute to polluting the ... energy will be a viable economic alternative to fossil fuels for producing energy for homes and businesses.

Description : How to Build a Solar Oven

Answer : How to Build a Solar Oven Introduction What often comes to mind when you think of solar power? You may think of massive arrays of solar panels that are used to harness the energy from the sun. You could ... can use a stick, a rock or some other object to prop open the lid to the proper position.

Description : How to Build a Solar Furnace

Answer : How to Build a Solar Furnace How to Build a Solar Furnace Solar furnaces are actually made up of something known as silicon, the same substance that makes silica or sand. The funny part is that ... not rust like iron. So the entire structure of the furnace is built to last for several years.

Description : on which way does a solar p annel need to be install using which types of tools

Description : How Do Solar Yard Lights Work?

Answer : How Do Solar Yard Lights Work? Solar yard lights have become extremely popular over the last several years as more and more people switch from traditional yard lighting to solar. While traditional yard ... local and state governments who now use this technology for street and park lighting as well.


Answer : There are tons of asteroids in our solar system. One of them, Asteroid 243 Ida, even has it's own moon. One of the moons of Saturn, called Mimas, is heavily cratered. This creates an odd appearance ... our solar system, the sun still accounts for 99.8 percent of the total mass of our solar system.

Description : Photocell and solar cell difference?

Answer : A photo cell is a light dependent resistor which decreases it resistance high intensity of light and is used to automatically control lights etc where as a solar cell solar or light energy into electrical energy.

Description : Why solar system is preferred now a days ? Justify your answer. 

Answer : Since availability of fossil fuels like coal are limited in future so there is more importance of solar power in the energy deficient because of following advantages of solar power Fuel is ... .  10. solar system technology are ideally suited to distributed applications ( Decentralized system)

Description : State the types of solar collector and explain any one. 

Answer : Types of solar collector:  1. Flat Plate type collectors :- a) Flat plate collectors (FPC) b). Evacuated Tubular collector (ETC)  2. Concentrating type collectors (focusing ... to north direction because there is more solar energy in this direction than the East-West arrangement.  

Description : Explain the characteristics of solar cell.  

Answer : Characteristics of solar cell : Explanation :- Solar cells produce direct current ( DC ) electricity and current times voltage equals power, so we can create solar cell I-V curves representing ... system so that it can operate as close to its optimal peak power point (MPP) as possible.

Description : With a neat diagram explain solar photovoltaic power plant. 

Answer : Diagram of solar photovoltaic power plant :  Explanation:  Solar power plant consists of following components:  1. Photovoltaic cell panel: Its function is to convert sunrays directly into DC ... .  5. Step-up transformer: It step-up input voltage to utilization voltage e.g. 230V

Answer : Diagram explain solar power tower : All concentrating solar thermal power (STP) basic elements: Concentrator Receiver Transport-storage (a portion of the thermal energy ... with alternator which converts mechanical power to electrical energy Exhaust steam is condensate in condenser

Answer : Because of following advantages concentrating type collector are used in solar power plant: -  1. Temperature: Temperature obtained is high because absorber area is less and collector/reflector area ... results: As tracking system is used better results are obtain than flat type collector.

Description : Classify the solar collectors and compare them. 

Answer : Classification of solar collectors :-  1. There are two main types of Flat Plate type collectors :- a) Flat plate collectors (FPC) b). Evacuated Tubular collector (ETC)  2. Concentrating ... directly from water Can be used to generate electricity with the help of steam turbine

Description : Explain the importance of solar power in the energy deficient India.

Answer : Mainly electricity generated in India is from -  Hydro power plant  Thermal power plant  Nuclear power plant  BUT,  To construct new Hydro power plant following are problem :- 1. There is ... start) 10. It saves the fossil fuel (coal, diesel, oil etc.) which are limited available.

Description : Define : i) Diffuse radiation ii) Beam radiation ii) Insolation iv) Solar constant

Answer : i) Diffuse radiation: It is the solar radiation which is scattered by the particles in earth's atmosphere and this radiation does not have any unique direction.  ii) Beam radiation: Solar radiation ... from the sun.  OR  It is the average radiation received outside the earth's atmosphere

Description : Explain with schematic diagram direct distribution of solar energy.

Answer : Explain with schematic diagram direct distribution of solar energy: Solar energy reaching earth's surface consists of two components: i) Direct solar energy, ii) Diffused solar energy. Direct solar energy ... radiation. It is very intense radiation and it can produce sun burns and shadows.