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Description : Define the following terms: i) Magnetic flux density, ii) Reluctance, iii) Magneto-motive force, iv) Permeance.

Answer : (i) Magnetic flux density (B): It is the magnetic flux per unit area measured at right angles to the flux path. (Its unit is weber/m2 or tesla).  (ii) Reluctance: It is the ... flux to set up through it and it is reciprocal of reluctance. Permeance = 1/ Reluctance. Unit: weber/ampere.

Description : Define permeance.

Answer : The reluctance is the opposition to the flow of magnetic flux. And the reciprocal of reluctance is known as permeance. The unit of reluctance is ampere per weber so the unit of permeance is ... . permeance is the property of magnetic circuit which allows the flow of magnetic flux through it.

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