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Description : How to Emulate Windows on Linux ?

Answer : How to Emulate Windows on Linux Open-source may be the in thing for many computer users, but most people who are used to Microsoft Windows may still be tentative to use it, or do not have ... you can run some of the most useful programs in Windows without ever having to leave the Linux platform.

Description : How to Double Boot Linux and Windows ?

Answer : How to Double Boot Linux and Windows Computer experts have their own opinions on what operating system is best suited for a computer, but many of them prefer to use a double-boot system that ... these steps, you can multi-boot to Linux or Windows to maximize your choices in computer applications.

Description : In relation to embedded Linux how TCP/IP networking is done? Explain network configuration.

Description : List and explain the various functions supported by Linux/RTLinux.

Answer : Various functions of RTLinux is as follows: Interrupt handling functions

Description : What are the advantages of using Linux?

Answer : Advantages of Linux are as follows :Linux is open source and free.Linux Is multiuser and multitasking operating system.Linux is the stable operating system.Linux is reliable.Linux can be modify according to requirements.Linux is the secure operating system.

Description : What is meant by embedded Linux?

Answer : Linux is the operating system if we use this operating system in embedded system devices then it is known as embedded Linux. Linux is open source and free.

Description : Linux Kernel Architecture

Answer : Linux Kernel Architecture: The kernel is a layer between Linux OS and hardware. When Linux is running in main memory it is divided into two parts one is user space and second is kernel space. 1.User Space 2.Kernel Space

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