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Description : Which is the part of Data Link Layer: a. LLC b. MAC c. Both a and b d. None of these

Answer : c. Both a and b

Description : Which IEEE standard is developed for CSMA/CD a. IEEE 802.1 b. IEEE 802.2 c. IEEE 802.3 d. IEEE 802.4

Answer : c. IEEE 802.3

Description : Which multiple access technique is used by IEEE 802.11 standard for wireless LAN? a. ALOHA b. CSMA/CA c. CDMA d. none of the mentioned

Answer : b. CSMA/CA

Description : MQTT is: a. Based on client-server architecture b. Based on publish-subscribe architecture c. Based on both of the above d. Based on none of the above

Answer : b. Based on publish-subscribe architecture

Description : HTTP resources are located by a. unique resource locator b. unique resource identifier c. none of the mentioned d. uniform resource identifier

Answer : d. uniform resource identifier

Description : .Frequency band used by 802.11 ah standard is: a. 60 GHz b. 2.4 GHz c. Sub 1 GHz d. 5 GHz

Answer : c. Sub 1 GHz

Description : Which layer is called a port layer in OSI model? a. Session b. Application c. Presentation d. Transport

Answer : a. Session

Description : Which transport layer protocols is used by DHCP? a. RSVP b. TCP c. DCCP d. UDP

Answer : d. UDP

Description : Which one out of these is not a data link layer technology: a. Bluetooth b. UART c. WIFI d. HTTP

Answer : d. HTTP

Description : ____ sensor measure heat emitted by objects. A. Smoke Sensor B. Temperature Sensor C. IR Sensor D. Proximity Sensor

Answer : C. IR Sensor 

Description : ____ sensor is used for automatic door controls, automatic parking system, automated sinks, automated toilet flushers, hand dryers. A. Smoke Sensor B. Temperature Sensor C. IR Sensor D. Motion Sensor

Answer : D. Motion Sensor 

Description : The measurement of humidity is A. RH B. PH C. IC D. None of aboved

Answer : A. RH 

Description : ___ sensors include thermocouples, thermistors, resistor temperature detectors (RTDs) and integratd circuits (ICs). A. Smoke Sensor B. Temperature Sensor C. IR Sensor D. Proximity Sensor

Answer : B. Temperature Sensor 

Description : ____detect the presence or absence of nearby object without any physical contact. A. Smoke Sensor B. Pressure Sensor C. IR Sensor D. Proximity Sensor

Answer : D. Proximity Sensor 

Description : ____ is used latching, locking, triggering. A. Solenoid B. Relay C. Linear Actuator D. Servo motors

Answer : A. Solenoid 

Description :  ___ is an open source electronic platform based on easy to used hardware and software. A. Arduino B. Uno C. Raspberry Pi D. Node

Answer : A. Arduino 

Description : What is the microcontroller used in Arduino UNO? A. ATmega328p B. ATmega2560 C. ATmega32114 D. AT91SAM3x8E

Answer : A. ATmega328p 

Description : IoT devices are ____ A. Standard B. Non-standard C. Both D. None 

Answer : B. Non-standard 

Description : Properties of IoT devices. A. Sense B. Send and receive data C. Both A and B D. None of above

Answer : C. Both A and B