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Description : How To Make The Proper Hackey Sack

Answer : All of your friends are athletes. They earned quite a reputation kicking soccer balls through defenders en route to the formerly elusive Goal! You, on the other hand, want to establish your name in a ... of the pros, you can market yourself and the sport by saying, Hackey is the new hockey.

Description : How to Make Corn Nuts

Answer : Corn is a staple crop all over the world, and many people are familiar with many foodstuffs made from corn. One of the most popular ways to cook corn is to make corn nuts. Here's how you can make a ... , you'll probably eager to learn how to make stove top popcorn and how to grill corn on the cob.

Description : How To Make A Train Set

Answer : A train set is a toy enjoyed by people of all ages. Dads act like little boys when they watch makeshift trains cross the different sections of the track. Kids cheer on as they hear the toy ... have memorable moments with your toy train. As they say: the family that plays together, stays together.

Description : How To Make A Rubber Band Gun

Answer : When you were a kid, do you remember the times when you shot your playmates with rubber bands? The best memories of your elementary years happened during those times. You can never forget their ... . Unholster your rubber band gun and make them feel your anger through a line of unforgiving rubber.

Description : How To Make A Rain Stick

Answer : Enchanted by the sound of rain, some people sit by their windows during a rain shower as they think about their current worries and concerns. The sound of rain is thought of as ... just proves that behind every great musical instrument is a simple instrument that silently highlights symphonies.

Description : How To Make A Model Rocket

Answer : Need a project for the upcoming science fair? The model rocket is your ticket to the prestigious best in show award. Imagine your own self-made toy that can launch itself past the ceiling of ... be hailed as your school's official rocketeer, and rake in awards and accolades at the science fair.

Description : How To Make A Lightsaber

Answer : Who doesn't want to be a Jedi? Ever since George Lucas showed Star Wars to the masses in 1977, millions of fan boys have wanted to become a Jedi and wield a lightsaber. Well, now you may ... household things. With your cheap lightsaber, you can become a Jedi without having to shell out extra cash.

Description : How To Make Hand Paddles

Answer : Hand paddles are long rods used to maneuver boats through waves. These rods are shaped like ladles so they can easily work around the weight of water and the force of waves. The blades of the ... best river rafting buddies. You get state of the art equipment without the hassle of glaring price tags.

Description : How to Make a Weight Gain Diet Plan

Answer : Before you can mold your body into a defined and well-chiseled frame, you have to gain some mass, which acts like a canvas to a painter or a slab of clay to a sculptor. Gaining weight ... a nutritionist. He or she will examine your physique and determine the best components of the ideal food ratio.

Description : How To Make A Soccer Ball

Answer : From a soccer fan's point of view, the world is all about soccer. Soccer fans practically see a soccer ball in every activity. They watch TV while they unconsciously dribble a soccer ball. They do ... is indeed a soccer ball and its greatest occupants are those who can make their own soccer balls.

Description : How To Make The Proper Sporting Equipment

Answer : For a budding athlete, he cannot participate in his favorite activity without the distinct piece of equipment that is attached to every sport, the sporting good. Sporting goods are pretty abundant as they ... are built like a machine so you would not have a problem making your own sports equipment.

Description : How To Make A Hockey Stick

Answer : The Stanley Cup is the ultimate prize for the true blue ice hockey fan. A lot of people dream of holding the large and shiny trophy in front of a cheering audience. Mastering the game of ice hockey ... the accuracy of your shot. Spank and slap like a pro with your do-it-yourself hockey stick.

Description : How To Make A Golf Ball

Answer : The game of golf is quite an expensive sport. A good set of golf clubs will cost you well over 200 dollars. Golf association membership fees are practically priced as high as houses. Even golf bags are ... game in a putting range. Wow them all as you sink every single one of your makeshift balls.

Description : How To Make A Croquet Set

Answer : Your lawn looks empty as the summer sun bounces off the blades of grass. You want to put your lawn into good use and make it your home's recreational spot. The situation would be easier if you ... anytime and anywhere. You can even say that the entire world is your croquet court at this point.

Description : How To Make A Bowling Ball

Answer : You hold the ball as you build your concentration. The arena grows silent as you slowly swing your right arm, then Crash! Ten pins fall before you, much to the delight of your audience. You ... the pin-making process nine more times, you can finally set up your own bowling alley at home.

Description : How To Make A Baseball Bat

Answer : Batting for the major leagues is the ultimate goal of die-hard baseball fans. Whenever they play baseball in their backyards, they imagine that they are in a stadium filled with thousands of screaming fans as ... the baseball bat. Create one and watch it create a good game out of yours. Swing away!

Description : How To Make Swinging Cereal

Answer : Materials A hard rubber or plastic comb, or a balloon Thread Small pieces of dry cereal (O-shapes, or puffed rice of wheat) Instructions Tie a piece of the cereal to one end of a 12 inch ... from the comb to the cereal. Now both objects had the same negative charge, and the cereal was repelled.

Description : How To Make Static in the Summer

Answer : Materials: Balloon Watch or clock Instructions Rub the balloon on your hair or sweater. Stick it to a wall and time how long it stays before falling down. Repeat step (1) in the bathroom, just after ... and static electricity does not build up as much as during the winter, when the air is very dry.

Description : How To Make Silver Plate

Answer : Silver Plating: To 1 quart of water add the following ingredients: 1 oz. Precipitate Silver 1/2 oz. Cynate of Potash 1/4 oz. Hyposulphite of Soda Add a little whiting and shake before ... point. Immerse the metal to be nickeled together with some aluminum foil touching it. Rinse in clear water.

Description : How to Make Rubber

Answer : Flexible items often make good raw materials. Rubber is a prime example of such. Due to its flexibility and durability, rubber is a widely used material in various fields. It is an ... pretty interesting invention yourself. Of course, you must do your research first before trying anything funky.