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Description : Car Window Cleaner

Answer : When you were a kid, for sure, you liked scribbling your name on the dusty windows of someone's car. On your way to school, you might have written your name on several cars parked on ... problem. Kids will be surprised and disappointed to see that your car windows are not rascal-friendly anymore.

Description : Car Radio Installation

Answer : Most car models today come with an existing radio tuner. If you want to upgrade to a new radio system, the first thing you need to do is remove the existing old unit off your vehicle. After doing so, ... its proper position - a sign that it's locked in place and that your radio is ready for use.

Description : Car Leather Protection

Answer : Your girlfriend and your leather car interior have many things in common. Both are tough but incredibly sensitive. Both are cold and are very hard to please. Both need a lot of attention and ... differences too. Unlike your girlfriend, leather is not something you want to get down and dirty with.

Description : Car Leather Cleaner

Answer : Carolyn loves leather. Almost everything she owns is made from leather. The hundreds of belts in her collection are all leather. Her fashionable bags are leather, too. She wears leather shoes every ... . Leather is a very stylish and adorable material but its beauty needs proper attention and care.

Description : Car Carpet Shampoo

Answer : Carpets are only lovable when they are clean. When they are dirty, they do not just look ugly, they also give their owners the torture of the century. This is because they are difficult to clean ... have been having hard times cleaning his magic carpet. Too bad the Genie can only grant three wishes.

Description : Car Air Cleaner

Answer : They say that what you can't see can't harm you. Although sometimes that is true, many people both superstitious and logical would find that statement a little distasteful. Ghosts are invisible yet ... Don't worry, though. Car air cleaners are easily available. Ghostbusting has never been this easy.

Description : Baby Car Seat

Answer : For many people, car traveling is a very important factor in their everyday lives. People use cars when they go to work, go on a vacation or when doing errands such as grocery shopping or picking ... the seat is firmly buckled into the car and that the harness straps are installed properly as well.

Description : How to Make Car Seat Covers

Answer : Car seats are made to be comfortable, providing the car's occupants a smooth ride. The problem is, comfort and styling doesn't always go with one another. The seats of old cars gradually wear out, ... in reading this article, you'll surely be interested in how to repair a rip in vinyl seat.

Description : 8 Essential Items You Never Thought to Keep in Your Car

Answer : Everyone knows that you should keep a roadside emergency kit and a first aid kit in your car - those are common sense. But what about when the unexpected occurs and you find yourself in a sticky situation that can't ... Do you know how to do it? If not, here's how to jump start a car the right way.

Description : How to Jump Start a Car

Answer : How to Jump Start a Car You need to know the steps to jump start a car even if it's not a daunting task. This is very helpful. This will also avoid possible accidents. Jump starting a car ... of techniques as you get used to doing it. It is still advisable to get an expert for worse situations.

Description : How to Donate Your Car

Answer : How to Donate Your Car Cars aren't exactly the kind of thing you throw in a trash can. Having an unused car hanging around in your garage is not just an eyesore; it's also a wasted opportunity ... certificates. Check up on the charity if they're ready to distribute your freebies, if there are any.

Description : How to Build a Mouse Trap Car

Answer : How to Build a Mouse Trap Car Introduction Toy cars can be a lot of fun to build, but most of them involve the use of some hard-to-come-by materials and tools that can be difficult to use. Not so ... face, so check out these tricks on getting rid of gnats, to drive them away from your home as well.

Description : How to Wash a Car

Answer : How to Wash a Car Cars are exposed to the daily elements, and it falls upon our hands the task of cleaning them up occassionally. While having our cars washed at a commercial car wash center is always ... and apply on the windows. You can also use balled-up old newspapers. Dry with a dry rag.

Description : How to Wax a Car

Answer : How to Wax a Car Most car owners want to drive a clean, shiny car with that smooth, gleaming finish that makes it look and feel brand-new. A professional auto detailing and cleaning job can cost a ... simple steps to wax your car, you can have that clean, brand-new look with very minimal expense.

Description : How to Tune a Car

Answer : How to Tune a Car Cars today have come a long way. In just a few years, many cars went from requiring a tune up every 2 years to going without one for up to 100,000 miles or ... check your tires to make sure that the treads are sufficient. Any tires with problems should immediately be replaced.

Description : How to Soften a Car’s Wiper Blade Rubber

Answer : How to Soften a Car's Wiper Blade Rubber Maintaining visibility during heavy rain is a must, so you must learn how to clean and keep your windshield wiper blades' performance at 100% ... maybe you should consider changing it instead. It's awfully dangerous to have malfunctioal windshield wipers.

Description : How to Sand a Car

Answer : How to Sand a Car Painting a car involves a lot of prep work, and one of the most important tasks is sanding. Unless you want your vehicle to have an uneven and rough paint, this is a vital, but ... and ready to be painted again. Take time doing this prep work, and you'll get the best results.

Description : How to Replace Your Car’s Rear View Mirror

Answer : How to Replace Your Car's Rear View Mirror Want to replace your car's rear view mirror and save some cash in the process? Do it on your own! Don't wait around for someone to replace it. ... the mirror is attached to the button. Leave it to settle more for another hour, and then adjust accordingly.

Description : How to Replace a Car’s Clutch

Answer : How to Replace a Car's Clutch Replacing a car's clutch is an involved job, but is by no means beyond the scope of a home mechanic. This article should serve as a guide, and deals with ... adjust or bleed the clutch according to your shop manual, double check all bolts, and road test the car.

Description : How to Replace a Car Side Mirror

Answer : How to Replace a Car Side Mirror Whether it's someone's idea of a a prank or you just had an accident with another car, breaking the side mirror on the vehicle can be an annoying problem. You can ... mirrors, if you're unsure of this method. Otherwise, you might end up doing more harm than good.