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Answer :

It is B-H curve of magnetic material, it shows retetivity,coercivity & other propert of magnetic matetial like Iron
It helps in choosing the material for designing of rotor poles
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Description : State Magneto-striction. Draw Hysteresis loop for : (i) High silicon steel (ii) Copper (iii) Soft iron (iv) Wood

Last Answer : Magneto-striction: It is the change in dimensions of ferro magnetic material when it is magnetized for eg. Silicon steel, iron or any ferromagnetic material.  i) Hysteresis loop for High silicon steel :  ... loop for Soft iron :  iv) Hysteresis loop for Copper and Wood : 

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Description : Draw B-H curve for magnetic material and state its nature. State the significance of hysteresis loop. Also draw the hysteresis loop for hard steel and soft steel. 

Last Answer : B-H curve for magnetic material: The B-H curve is the graphical representation of relation between flux density (B) and applied field strength (H), with H plotted on the x-axis and B plotted on ... or crossing an air gap tends to bulge outwards the iron ring, this effect is called as Fringing .

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Description : Draw Hysteresis loop for Hard steel and soft steel. Also write one application of each material.

Last Answer : Application of Hard steel:  Fig. (a) Shows hysteresis loop for hard steel. Such materials are used for producing permanent magnets. Such a hysteresis loop represents a large residual ... Residual flux & coercive force are less. Hence material can be used for making the electromagnets. 

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Description : Explain the hysteresis loop of a magnetic material with neat diagram.

Last Answer : Hysteresis loop of magnetic material:  The circuit arrangement for plotting the hysteresis loop is shown in figure given below. The electromagnetic part consists of a coil wound on the iron ring ... one magnetic reversal is called hysteresis loop. Meaning of hysteresis is to lag behind.

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Description : The hysteresis loop of magnetic material has an area of 5 cm2 with the scales given as 1 cm=2AT and 1 cm=50 mWb, at 50 Hz, the total hysteresis loss is  (A) 15 W (B) 20 W (C) 25 W (D) 50 W 

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Description : If the area of hysteresis loop of a material is large, the hysteresis loss in this material will be?

Last Answer : If the area of hysteresis loop of a material is large, the hysteresis loss in this material will be large.

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Description : Pick out the wrong statement. (A) A soft magnetic material should have high permeability and small area of hysteresis loop (B) Poisson's ratio of high melting point metals is more than unity (C) ... less than 185°C (D) Steel produced by B.O.F process is ideally suited for manufacturing flat product

Last Answer : Option B

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Description : Materials subjected to rapid reversal of magnetism should have (a) large area oiB-H loop (b) high permeability and low hysteresis loss (c) high co-ercivity and high retentivity (d) high co-ercivity and low density

Last Answer : (b) high permeability and low hysteresis loss

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Description : Hysteresis Loop

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Description : What is magnetic hysteresis?

Last Answer : Magnetic Hysteresis: When the magnetic material is subjected to a cycle of magnetization and demagnetization for both the directions of the current, then it is found that flux density B in ... material lags behind the applied magnetizing force H. This phenomenon is known as magnetic hysteresis.

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Description : Explain hysteresis effect in instrument

Last Answer : Phenomena which depicts different output effects when loading and unloading an instrument by any form of energy. It is due to the fact that all the energy put into the stressed parts when loading is not recoverable upon unloading. 

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