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Error is the difference between measured value and true value.

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Description : Describe the instrumentation system used for temperature measurement using thermistor.

Answer : A thermistor is a type of resistor whose resistance is dependent on temperature. Thermistors are of two opposite fundamental types: With NTC, resistance Decreases with temperature to ... converted to Digital by ADC further given to multiplexer, then output is displayed on computer. 

Description : What is the electrical instrumentation?

Description : What do you mean by zero circle in area measurement?

Answer : Zero Circle - It is the circle formed due to sliding of wheel of mechanical planimeter without changing the reading of circular measuring disc. It is unmeasured circular area on drawing sheet due to non-rotation of counter disc.

Description : What is measurement error ?

Answer : Measurement error :- Measurement is the process of comparing unknown quantity with known or standard quantity. Error is the difference between ... by fluctuations in reading measurement apparatus. Random error show different result for same repeated measurement.

Description : Define measurement and state the significance of electrical measurement system.

Answer : Measurement: Measurement is essentially a process in which magnitude of a quantity is determined in comparison with another similar quantity with significant units. OR The measurement of a given ... x) The measurement conforms the validity of hypothesis and also adds to its understanding.

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