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Answer :

It is a device used to measure the speed of a rotating shaft. It usually gives speed in RPM.
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Description : What is tachometer ? Explain photo electric pick-up

Last Answer : Tachometer is an instrument which is used to measure angular speed. It is measured in revolutions per minutes (RPM). Working: Working principle:The light passes through the holes available on the rotating disc with ... is given by  N=f/HS  N=speed  f=frequency  Hs=holes on the disc 

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Description : what is tachometer?

Last Answer : It is also known ad tachogenerator,it is used to measure angular speed in rpm

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Description : If the intercept on a vertical staff is observed as 0.75 m from a tachometer, the horizontal distance between tachometer and staff (A) 7.5 m (B) 25 m (C) 50 m (D) 75 m

Last Answer : (D) 75 m

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Description : For a tachometer the additive and multiplying constants are respectively (A) 0 and 100 (B) 100 and 0 (C) 0 and 0 (D) 100 and 100

Last Answer : (A) 0 and 100

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Description : Non-contact speed measurements can be carried out by a) Tachometer b) Stroboscope c) Oscilloscope d) Speedometer

Last Answer : Stroboscope

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