what are the types of dc motor?
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Answer :

1.Separately excited dc motors

2.self excited dc motors

self excited dc motors are further classified into

a)dc series motor b) dc shunt motor c)dc compound motor -

in compound motors there are two types i.cummulative compound dc motor ii.diffirential compound dc motor
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Description : What are the speed control methods of dc motor?

Answer : Field control of DC motor Armature control of DC motor

Description : What is the RPM of a DC motor?

Description : Describe the reason of using dc series motor for electric trains.

Answer : Electric trains require an inverse torque speed characteristics for proper operation. That is a higher torque is required at start (when speed is nil or low) and as the train picks up ... torque - speed characteristics of DC series motors match, these motors are suitable for electric trains

Description : A 200 V dc motor takes a field current of 2 A to generate a back emf of 180 V. If the field winding resistance is 80 Ω, the resistance of the shunt field regulator is (A) 10 Ω (B) 20 Ω (C) 100 Ω (D) 180 Ω

Description : As the speed increases, the torque developed by a dc servo motor (A) decrease with a negative slope (B) increases with a positive slope (C) remain constant (D) becomes unstable