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Answer :

LED is better than LCD. LED have lots of advantages and LED have long span .

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Description : Give any two applications of LED and LCD each. 

Last Answer : Two applications of LED (1) As an indicators and small display. (2) In digital thermometer, pulse rate meter. (3) In patient monitoring. Two applications of LCD (1) In video games (2) In calculators (3) In test equipments (4) In gauges and counters

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Description : Differentiate between LCD and LED TV.

Last Answer : Differentiate between LCD and LED TV.

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Description : Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)

Last Answer : Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. It is a flat panel electronic display device which uses light modulating properties of liquid crystal. ... pixel and passive pixel display do not consist of switch at each pixel.

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Description : What is a LCD Monitor?

Last Answer : Ans. LCD Monitor is commonly used in portable computer and it creates images with a special kind of liquid crystal that normally transparent but becomes opaque when charged with electricity.

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Description : In microcontroller and LCD interface which line will instruct the LCD that microcontroller is sending data? a) DB0 b) RW c) EN d) RS

Last Answer : d) RS

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Description : Interfacing LCD with 89C51 _____ data lines are used along with the _____ signals. a) 6, RS, RW b) 5, RW, EN c) 8, RS, EN, RW d) 9, RS, EN, RW

Last Answer : a) 6, RS, RW

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Description : LCD Display Resolution

Last Answer : When you go out shopping for a new LCD TV, one of the most important things worth checking is the resolution. What's the use of an LCD when your neighbor's 20-year-old CRT has better resolution and colors? ... 1680 1050 (or WSXGA+) 24 (widescreen): 1920 1200 (or WUXGA+) 30 (widescreen): 2560 1600

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Description : LCD Display Modules

Last Answer : Replacing a damaged LCD monitor is no easy task. LCDs are expensive, and so are their parts or modules. Let's take a look at a notebook computer LCD, for example. If you go ... include matrix type, viewing angle, color support, brightness, contrast ratio, aspect ratio and input ports.

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Description : Industrial LCD Displays

Last Answer : Today, while the Internet has managed to steal the attention of millions of people worldwide, many still tend to turn to the TV for some good, old-fashioned quality entertainment. LCDs are in, CRT ... Some of the best manufacturers of industrial LCDs today are Viewsonic, Sony, Dell, LG and Samsung.

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Description : How to Clean an LCD Screen

Last Answer : How to Clean an LCD Screen Liquid crystal display screens, more known as LCD screens, is becoming more and more popular for its higher resolutions and space-saving dimensions. However, like all appliances ... touching the screen, regular cleaning of your LCD screen will keep it doing its job well.

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Description : Compare CRT and LCD display. 

Last Answer : CRT LCD CRT monitors require about 100 W for 19 display. LCD monitors require 45 W for 19 display. CRT's are heavier than LCD. LCD monitors are lighter and thinner They are ... is possible. CRT displays text is not good as LCD. LCD displays text better than CRTs.

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