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LED is better than LCD. LED have lots of advantages and LED have long span .

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Description : Give any two applications of LED and LCD each. 

Answer : Two applications of LED (1) As an indicators and small display. (2) In digital thermometer, pulse rate meter. (3) In patient monitoring. Two applications of LCD (1) In video games (2) In calculators (3) In test equipments (4) In gauges and counters

Description : Differentiate between LCD and LED TV.

Answer : Differentiate between LCD and LED TV.

Description : Which material is used for manufacturing of following LED ? (i) Infrared LED (ii) Red or Green LED (ii) Red or Yellow LED (iv) Blue LED

Answer : Infrared LED : Aluminum gallium arsenide (AlGaAs) Red or Green LED: Indium gallium nitride (InGaN), Aluminum gallium arsenide (AlGaAs) Red or Yellow LED : Aluminum gallium indium phosphide (AlGaInP), Aluminum gallium arsenide (AlGaAs) Blue LED : Indium gallium nitride (InGaN)

Description : Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)

Answer : Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. It is a flat panel electronic display device which uses light modulating properties of liquid crystal. ... pixel and passive pixel display do not consist of switch at each pixel.

Description : At a given price increase in quantity supplied can be possible if …………… (a) There is apprehension of sharp fall in prices in future ; (b) Refund or subsidy of statutory levy in cash is given by the Government; (c) Improvement in technology led to cost saving ; (d) All the three

Answer : ; (d) All the three

Description : Is the anode or cathode longer in LED ?

Answer : In LED anode terminal is longer and cathode terminal is smaller.

Description : Which is better: your short-term or your long term memory?

Description : Which is better, brick or foam block?

Answer : Which is better, brick or foam block? Ideal materials for construction, or at least having an undoubted advantage over others, have not yet been invented. Both the brick and the foam ... risk of getting low-quality building material can be attributed to the general disadvantage of foam blocks.

Description : Which field is better engineering or medical ?

Answer : I would say there is no better field than another. Both fields are kind of complementary in a way that engineering provides necessary materials to the medical field while the medical field provides hands to cure

Description : Which is better Arduino or Raspberry Pi?

Description : Which type of LED is possible? A. Multi Colour B. Single Colour C. Two Colour D. all of these 

Answer : Which type of LED is possible? A. Multi Colour B. Single Colour C. Two Colour D. all of these 

Description : The higher the price, the better the quality, or how not to waste your money

Answer : The higher the price, the better the quality, or how not to waste your money A headache for every homeowner is the need to protect him from bad weather and intruders. You can, of course, take ... is obliged to give a guarantee for its products, which may slightly increase the value of the goods.

Description : Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, though checkered with failure, than to take rank with those poor souls, who neither enjoy much or suffer much, because they live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat. famous quote

Description : A 'No' uttered from deepest conviction is better and greater than a 'Yes' merely uttered to please, or what is worse, to avoid trouble. - Mahatma Gandhi quote

Description : "Often the difference between a successful man and a failure is not one's better abilities or ideas, but the courage that one has to bet on his ideas, to take a calculated risk and to act." - Maxwell Maltz

Description : For better interaction with the students, the teachers objective should be the Options: A) Equitable Distribution Of Response Time B) Proximity C) Affirm Or Correct Student Performance D) All Of These

Answer : D) All Of These

Description : You are being pressurized by your colleagues to take the membership of the teacher's union. How could you take decision in this situation? Options: A) You will give priority to social relations, ... enmity with the management D) You will try best to go against their will by hook or crook

Answer : B) You will have faith in unity so you accept the membership 

Description : According to the Better Business Bureau, if you fail to advertise the highest price in a range of prices for a service or product as prominently as that of the lowest, it violates the New York ... prominently the highest price in a range of prices for a service or products as that of the lowest 

Description : The existence of a Parallel Economy or Black Money (1) makes the economy more competitive (2) makes the monetary policies less effective (3) ensures a better distribution of income and wealth (4) ensures increasing productive investment

Answer : makes the monetary policies less effective

Description : What is better computer engineering or software engineering?

Answer : Computer Engineering have many parts in which one is software engineering, if your interest in software development then choose software engineering

Description : Is 50hz or 60hz better?

Description : Compare CRT and LCD display. 

Answer : CRT LCD CRT monitors require about 100 W for 19 display. LCD monitors require 45 W for 19 display. CRT's are heavier than LCD. LCD monitors are lighter and thinner They are ... is possible. CRT displays text is not good as LCD. LCD displays text better than CRTs.

Description : State any four characteristics of LCD monitor.

Answer : Characteristics of LCD Monitor 1. Pixels: This refers to an individual dot on the screen. All graphics displayed on the screen are composed of hundreds or thousands of these graphic dots or pixels or pet. ... takes for a pixel to go from black to peak intensity white and then back to black again.

Description : Explain working principle of LCD monitor. 

Answer : Backlight: The amount of light supplied by Back Light is determined by the amount of movement of the liquid crystals in such a way as to generate color. Driving Circuit Unit Driving ... color LCD is subdivided into three subpixels, where one set of RGB subpixels is equal to one pixel.

Description : Explain Passive matrix LCD with diagram.

Answer : Passive Matrix: Passive-matrix is a technology that uses a grid of vertical and horizontal wires to display an image on the screen. Each pixel is controlled by an intersection of two wires in the grid. ... are no switching devices, and each pixel is addressed for more than one frame time. 

Description : Draw interfacing of 16 × 2 LCD with 8051 and state the function of EN and RS of LCD

Answer : Diagram: RS: RS is the register select pin. We need to set it to 1, if we are sending some data to be displayed on LCD. And we will set it to 0 if we are sending some command instructions ... the LCD to latch in the data present at the data pins. This pulse must be a minimum of 450ns wide.

Answer : Liquid Crystal Display:-An LCD is a low-cost, low power device capable of displaying text and images. LCD's are extremely common in embedded systems since such system often does not have video monitors ... toggles the enables bit and acts as a delay so that the command can be processed and executed.

Description : Advantages of LED over CFL.

Answer : Advantages of LED over CFL. 1) Efficiency: LED bulbs use close to a third of the amount of power CFL bulbs would use to produce the same amount of light. This makes them ... decorative to heavy duty industrial applications.  6) Maintenance: Smooth light and low maintenance compared to CFL

Description : Why the Led Glow in Dc Supply ? Whenever give the Ac Supply What is Affect in Led ?

Answer : LEDs consume DC current to produce light; with AC current the LED will only be lit when current flow is in the proper direction. AC applied to an LED will cause it to blink on and off, and at high frequency the LED will appear to be lit continuously.

Description : Draw symbol of LED and explain it’s working principle.

Answer : Construction of LED: The basic structure of LED is shown in fig.(a). The active region exists between the p and n regions. The light emerges from the active side in all the directions when electron hole-pairs ... fig.(c). In this way an LED emits light. This is the principle of operation of LED.

Description : List four applications of LED.

Answer : Applications of LED 1.As a power supply status indicator in electronics instruments 2.In traffic light Indicators. 3.In data displaying boards. 4.In medical applications and toys 5.In optical fiber communications 6.Remote controls

Description : The transformer which transforms unbalanced line to a balanced line is better known as  (A) Impedance transformer (B) Amplifier (C) Balun (D) Oscillator

Answer : The transformer which transforms unbalanced line to a balanced line is better known as Balun 

Description : We can chart our future clearly and wisely only when we know the path which has led to the present. -Adlai E. Stevenson quote 

Description : "This Methodology Trains The Child To Search Facts, Rules And Principles Led By His Own Efforts, Organize The Set Of Knowledge Gained And Delineate General Rule". The Aforesaid Statement Is ... The following Methodology Of Teaching? Options: A) Montessori B) Kindergarten C) Heuristic D) Playway

Answer : C) Heuristic 

Description : 1. What was Sachin Tendulkar's average when he made his first thousand runs in ODls? 2. By whom was the most important theory of general biology proposed? 3. After howmany years is ... associated with anticyclone? 20. During which Gupta king's reign did the chinese traveller Fahien visit India?

Answer : Answer : 1. 35.83 2. Darwin and Wallace 3. Every five years 4. Karnataka 5. K. P. Kesava Menon 6. Holes 7. Ukraine 8. Syndicate Bank 9. Arid 10. Jawaharlal Nehru 11. Nicotine 12. Dr. B. R ... compression 15. Calcutta 16. R.E. Grant Govan 17. India 18. 1985 19. Fine and dry 20. Chandragupta II

Description : 1. In which year was the Constituent Assembly which framed the Constitution for Independent India set up? 2. The mass-energy relation is the outcome of which teory? 3. Who is the author of the ... metric tones fish in 2010? 20. Who was appointed by Ashoka to administer justice in his empire?

Answer : Answer : 1. 1946 2. Special theory of relativity 3. Pameia Mountbatten 4. West Bengal 5. Syed Haider Raza 6. 15 7. 17-30 years 8. Sachidananda Sinha 9. Lowered 10. Kashmir 11. Nichrome 12. ... Assembly 14. Fishing 15. Kushans 16. Meningitis 17. Centre and States 18. Kerosene 19. Japan 20. Rajuka

Description : Why is AC better for long distance power transmission than DC ?

Answer : ac is more economical to transmit for long distances . wires can be made smaller by step up transformer .. since major cost are wires to transmit .. then at the end of distance step down transformer is used for commercial use.

Description : A negative feedback loop returning a voltage to the input raised the input impedance and making the circuit a better

Answer : A negative feedback loop returning a voltage to the input raised the input impedance and making the circuit a better voltage sensor

Description : Digital modulation can withstand channel noise and distortion better than analog schemes (a) as long as the channel noise is within limits (b) for any noise (c) for thermal noise only (d) statement is not true

Description : What is the ratio of resistance and impedance better known as ? (A) Peak factor (B) Pitch factor (C) Power factor (D) Form factor

Description : Power factor of running induction motor is better when (1) Running at half load (2) Full load (3) ¾ of load (4) None of the above 

Description : An open-loop system is better than a closed-loop system in terms of   (a) Accuracy (b) Stability (c) Noise reduction (d) Sensitivity  

Description : In terms of cost, overhead transmission line is better than underground transmission line in the field of   (a) Insulation (b) Right of way (c) Visibility (d) None of these 

Description : For making capacitors, it is better to select a dielectric having_________.

Answer : For making capacitors, it is better to select a dielectric having high permittivity.

Description : Explain the construction details of LED

Answer : The construction of LED differs from normal standard diode in many aspects. As shown in the figure the p-n junction of the LED bulb is enclosed by a transparent, hard plastic epoxy resin hemispherical- ... that much light. Due to this, the brightest light will be emitted at the top of the LED.

Description : IOT devices are various types, for instance______________. A. Wearable sensors. B. Smart watches. C. LED lights. D. All of the above

Answer : D. All of the above 

Description : What are the advantages of LED lamps?

Answer : What are the advantages of LED lamps? LED lamps have an advantage over fluorescent lamps in the first place in terms of environmental friendliness. Another reason for using LED lamps is ... advantages. Today, such lamps are used in everyday life, for industrial lighting and street lighting.

Description : State the working principle of LED and LASER diode.

Answer : LED  Working principle of LED diode:An LED emits two light when electrical energy is applied to it.LED is a two terminal device.The terminals are named as anode (A) and the other as cathode(K). A ... with light: 1) Light absorption 2) Spontaneous emission 3) Stimulated emission

Description : State operating principle of LED. Write material names used to manufacture LED.

Answer : Principle of Operation of LED:  When an LED is forward biased, the electron in the n-region will cross the junction and recombine with the holes is p-type. When the recombination takes ... Gallium Arsenide Phosphite (GaAsP) : Red or Yellow. Gallium Phosphite (GaP) : Red or Green.

Description : Draw symbol and state one application of zener diode and LED.

Answer : Diagram: Application of Zener diode:  It is used as voltage regulator. Used in protection circuits for MOSFET. Used in pulse amplifier. Used in clipping circuits. ... alarm systems 7-segment, 16- segment and dot matrix displays Indicating power ON/OFF conditions

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