What is depletion type MOSFET?..........

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Depletion MOSFET:

Depletion MOSFET is a MOSFET in which the channel already exists. If we apply a voltage between drain and source then the drain current will flow even if the gate to source voltage is zero. Depletion MOSFET can be operated in depletion mode and also in enhancement mode.


The portion between drain and source is diffused with the same impurity which is used for drain and source and it forms a channel between drain and source then it is called depletion MOSFET as shown in figure. The drain current will be reduced as the gate to source voltage made more negative.

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Description : Explain difference between enhancement MOSFET and depletion type MOSFET.

Answer : In enhancement MOSFET channel is not initially exists but in depletion MOSFET channel is already exists. In case of depletion MOSFET if the voltage is applied between drain and source the drain current will flow ... a channel. depletion MOSFET & enhancement MOSFET

Description : Describe the operation of N channel enhancement type MOSFET with diagram.

Answer : As its name indicates, this MOSFET operates only in the enhancement mode and has no depletion mode. It operates with large positive gate voltage only. It does not conduct when the ... of charge carriers attracted to the positive gate. Thus drain current is controlled by the gate potential.

Description : Define Depletion region and Barrier voltage of PN junction.

Answer : 1. Depletion region : The region consisting of immobile positive charge at n-side and immobile negative charge at p-side near the junction acts like a barrier and prevents the further flow of ... charge formed at the p-n junction is called barrier voltage, barrier potential or junction barrier.

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Answer : Construction and working principle of MOSFET:  A) Depletion type MOSFET: Construction: The N-channel depletion type MOSFET is formed on P-type silicon substrate with two heavily ... accumulation of electrons and hence more current. Thus the MOSFET is a gate voltage controlled device.

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Answer : Applications of MOSFET: i) Switching-mode-power-supplies (SMPS) and linear power supplies. ii) Brushless DC motor drives iii) Solid state DC relay iv) Automobile applications v) Stepper motor controller vi) Lighting controls vii) Solenoid drivers viii) Robotics ix) Induction heating

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