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 IGBT or Insulated Gate Bi-polar Transistors are typically semiconductor devices aka.  controlled switches,  which find their applications in Power Electronics circuits such as Inverters, and electrical drives.

IGBTs are used for higher power ratings where as Power MOSFETs are used for lower power ratings in an electrical drive circuit.

The use of IGBTs in a VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) offers the following advantages :

* High speed switching 

* Low power loss hence highly efficient 

* Self commuting ( Does not require turn off circuits)

* Simple and easy to control ( buy implementing suitable Pulse Width Modulation scheme )

* Lower cost 

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Answer : ON state losses of IGBT is less as compared to MOSFET and BJT.

Answer : Because it has a higher switching frequency and heat tolerance.

Answer : IGBT is a bipolar device because current is carried by both holes and electrons.

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