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Thyristor commutation means turning off thyristor.
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Answer : By using some circuit the forward DC current of thyristor is forced to zero is called forced commutation.

Answer : Natural commutation is also called as line Communication. The turning off of thyristor due to AC supply is called natural commutation or line commutation. If the thyristor is connected to AC supply ... connected to positive and anode terminal get connected to negative, this turns off the thyristor.

Description : In a thyristor D.C. chopper, which type of commutation results in best performance ?

Answer : voltage commutation

Description : For a class D commutation, answer the following: i) Explain the operation with circuit diagram. ii) Interpret with waveforms.

Answer : Class D commutation: This is also called as auxiliary commutation because it uses an auxiliary SCR to switch the charged capacitor across conducting SCR to turn it off. In this scheme, the main ... make SCR1 forward biased and keep ready for next triggering. The above cyclic process is repeated.

Description : Draw circuit diagram of Class B commutation.

Answer : Class B: Resonant Pulse Commutation: