what is multimeter?

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Multimeter is a device which is use for measuring AC and DC current and voltage and resistance
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A multimeter also known as a VOM (volt-ohm-milliammeter), is an electronic measuring instrument that combines several measurement functions in one unit. A typical multimeter can measure voltage, current, and resistance.
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Description : Compare analog & digital multimeter.

Answer : Analog multi-meter DMM Power supply is not required  Power supply is required  Less suffered from electric noise  More suffered from electric Noise Less isolation problems. More ... visual indication Visual indication is not that much better. Less cost More cost

Description : what are the advantages of digital multimeter ?

Answer : Precise reading digital reading easy to use less losses due to no mechanical parts high efficiency small size compact can measure AC and DC voltage and current and resistance and can be use for continuity testing

Description : How do you test a capacitor with a multimeter?

Description : Digital Multimeter (DMM)

Answer : Digital Multimeter (DMM) Digital multimeter is the combination of Voltmeter (for measuring voltage) Ammeter (for measuring current) and Ohmmeter (for measuring resistance ... ;in the range of mega ohms.VISIT AT YOUTUBEBUY BOOKS AT EEE STORE

Description : Applications of multimeter

Answer : Applications of multimeter:  1. Voltage Measurements * High and low value DC measurement * Peak to Peak and DC average measurement 2. Current Measurements * DC current measurement ... resistance with constant current 5. Time and Frequency measurement * frequency * Time measurement

Description : List four applications of digital multimeter.

Answer : Applications : 1. It is used continuity test. 2. It is used to check diode 3. It is used to check transistor 4. It is used to measure voltage, current & resistance.

Description : A multimeter is used to measure (1) current (2) voltage (3) resistance (4) All of the above

Answer : All of the above 

Description : Differentiate between analog and digital multimeter.

Answer : Analog multimeter Digital multimeter 1. Power supply is not required 1. Power supply is required 2. Less suffered from electric noise 2. Suffered from electric noise 3. It provides measurement ... 9. Bigger in size 9. Compact in size 10. Economical 10.Expensive

Description : In a standard multimeter for measuring AC voltage, parameter of _____ voltage is measured

Answer : In a standard multimeter for measuring AC voltage, parameter of RMS voltage is measured

Description : An average reading digital multimeter reads 10 V when fed with a triangular wave, symmetric about the time axis. For the same input the r.m.s. reading meter will read

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