Septic Tank Problems

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The septic tank is the heart of any septic system. Like the human heart, the human body and the other organs are pointless without it. A septic system simply isn’t the same without a septic tank. In fact, it won’t work at all without a septic tank, so make sure your septic tank is in good working condition at all times. When it starts acting up, fix it, or call a professional for assistance. Don’t procrastinate unless you want crud all over your bathroom floor.

Measuring Scum Depth

Get a stick about six feet long and attach a six inch square board at one end of it.
Find the outlet end of your septic tank, and extend the stick as far as your can through the scum layer up to the bottom of the effluent pipe.
Draw a mark on the stick to indicate that point.
Then raise the stick a little until you can see the deepest part of the scum layer.
Again mark the stick to indicate that point.
This is it. If the marks are at least 3 inches apart, the tank needs to be cleaned. Get it done as soon as possible.
How will you know when to pump the tank? There are several things to consider, but it all boils down to these four factors: the size of the tank, the number of people contributing to the volume of wastewater, the volume of solids in it, and the use of a garbage disposal. You can observe the yearly rate of your solids accumulation, if you’re unsure about these.

The important thing is not to let the cleaning schedule get ahead of you. Plan ahead, and stick to it. Naturally, septic systems last a long time if cared for properly. Now you know what to do.
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