Septic Tank Installation

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You can always settle for the community septic system set up by private corporations or the local government. It’s more convenient that way, as you don’t have to do anything but live in your house and let the authorities clean and maintain the septic system. You can also set up your own septic system and tank so you won’t have to share it with, say, 2,000 other people in the area. Some people believe it’s better to install your own septic system and tank.

Tips for Septic Tank Installation

Here are some general notes on installing a septic tank:

Don’t install the tank in high water table or water-saturated clay.
Don’t install the tank where heavy equipment and vehicles might run over it.
All septic tanks are designed to be installed underground.
This might sound off, but never use a septic tank for storing drinking water.
Refill the tank with water after every pumping.
Don’t use a septic tank as a pump chamber or holding tank to prevent it from collapsing.
It’s important to just hire professional service to install the septic tank for you, especially if it’s your first time doing this kind of work.

You need to find a suitable area within your property to install the septic tank. Suitable means the soil is firm and not shaky like water-saturated clay, as this might cause the tank to dislocate from the pipes connected to it over time. Also be sure the tank is in a secluded area so that vehicles don’t run over the top soil by accident.

Installing a septic tank is a demanding task. We suggest you call for professional assistance, since these guys know what to do and they got all the right tools and equipment. You have to do some deep digging and excavating, and we think it’ll take more than just a couple of shovels to do that.
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