Septic System Maintenance

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Nobody is interested in thinking about what happens when someone forgets to clean his or her septic system in the backyard. We don’t need to tell you either. Not draining and cleaning your septic tank is worse than letting the dirty dishes sit for two and a half years, and that is not an understatement. You need to clean and maintain your septic system and tank, at least once or twice a year, depending on the volume of your waste water.

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Here are some cleaning and maintenance tips for your septic system:

Don’t pour too much water into the system. The proper amount is about 50 gallons a day for each person in the household.
Don’t add materials, such as applicators, sanitary napkins and chemicals, into the tank other than waste water.
Limit your garbage disposal.
Don’t pour cooking oil or food down the drain.
Draw a diagram of the septic system and where it is located on your property.
Install a concrete riser over your septic tank for easier access.
Pump solids out of the septic tank on a regular basis, or at least every one or two years.
Keep the tank and drain field dry at all times.
Keep heavy equipment and automobiles away from the system.
This might sound a bit off, but never plan additional buildings, driveways, pools, or other structures near the septic area.
The septic system will make or break your household. Make sure it’s running in good and stable condition. The frequency of you having to clean and drain the septic tank depends on how many people you live with. As long as you keep its regular cleaning schedule you don’t have to worry about the system breaking down anytime soon.
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