Septic System Cleaning

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A septic tank requires cleaning to remove the scum or solid wastes that have accumulated in it over the years. The modern septic system was designed to allow liquid waste to flow freely back out as minerals for the soil. However, solid wastes are filtered in, and stored in a septic tank. So if you don’t clean the tank from time to time, it’s going to fill up and overflow back out of your drainage system.

Cleaning Precautions

Some safety precautions when cleaning a septic tank:

Don’t work alone – Falling or even leaning over an open septic tank can be fatal. Work in pairs or in a group, so someone could go look for help in case a worker falls into the tank or loses consciousness.
Ventilate the repair/cleaning site – Decomposing solid wastes in the tank allow toxic gases to build up, such as methane gas. Even in small amounts, inhaling toxic gases can make a person pass out in a matter of minutes, or kill him or her if inhaled in large amounts. The solution is to ventilate the site properly before setting out to work.
Use safe covers – It’s important that covers are safe and secure. If a cover is rusty, or, if somehow, the hinges don’t fit, replace the cover immediately.
Don’t smoke or light anything near the septic tank – Methane gas is highly flammable; it is crucial that everyone who works around septic tanks know this. Don’t be tempted to light a cigarette while cleaning or repairing a septic tank.
Cleaning your septic tank is the best thing you can do for your septic system. The septic tank is the heart and soul of any septic system. Who doesn’t want a clean heart, free from clogs and impurities? Remember, when the tank goes, the system goes. Take note of that.
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