What is Septic Odor

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Foul odor coming out of a septic tank is a bad sign. Come to think of it, can there be any more effective sign than septic odor? That reeking sharp smell is more than anyone can take, and it’s usually a sign of something bigger than just foul odor in your house. Your septic tank might be at the risk of overflowing or, even worse, giving out. Your best solution is to clean your septic tank regularly to keep it from smelling like rotting fish meat.


When you have a septic system in your property it’d be nice if you could also install roof vents. Roof vents allow pressure to equalize and stop the sinks and toilets from making these strange noises when the water is turned off. However, be careful around roof vents. If the house begins to smell somewhat like septic odor then you have to check the roof vents for clogs. Clogged vents are easily fixed by cleaning the vents, and can be prevented through, of course, regular maintenance.


Sometimes the odor lingers even after the vents have been cleaned up and unclogged. Before anything, this isn’t unusual with roof vents, so don’t worry; this is the time to install a roof vent filter. You should be able to find some at your local hardware store.

Most hardware stores that sell septic tanks also sell roof vent filters. These filters are made from carbon-based materials. Install the filter or have someone set it up for you over the vent and that should take care of the odor problem.

Whatever needs to be done about your tank’s leaking septic odor should be done quickly. Septic odor, or methane, is toxic gas, and it does a more than drive your nostrils crazy. People are known to pass out over long periods of exposure to methane gas, some never regain consciousness. So go fix whatever needs fixing regarding your septic system as soon as possible.
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