What are Scuba Masks

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A diving mask is equipment used by scuba divers, snorkelers, and free-divers for underwater vision. Humans can’t clearly see underwater, hence, divers use masks to protect their eyes from the water to attain a clearer vision. A diving mask is made of a durable, tempered glass plate to protect the eyes from underwater pressure and water exposure. A rubber or silicone surrounds the front to prevent water from entering the mask. A strap, meanwhile, keeps the mask in position.

Scuba Mask Precautions

Due to the refraction of light entering the mask, objects underwater is about 34% bigger and 25% closer in the eyes of the diver. As a diver descends deeper, the level of visibility diminshes and eventually artificial light should be used to see underwater.

Prescription lenses are commonly used by divers who have trouble with their eyesight. The lenses are fitted inside the glass plate of the mask to achieve a natural field of vision for the diver. Contact lenses are also worn by divers with eyesight problems.

As long as water does not go inside the mask, contact lenses are perfectly suited for scuba diving. If ever water goes inside the mask or mask flooding occurs while the diver is wearing contact lenses, mask removal and/or readjusting should be performed. Mask removal and refitting are basic skils that are taught in diving classes, and every student is expected to learn these practices.

A diving mask should be held tightly upon entering the water, since fast water flow may dislodge or damage the mask. Some divers prefer to use a forward roll type of entry to avoid problems regarding the mask.

Diving masks fog up with constant use. Divers may apply two kinds of method to prevent fogging. The old method is to spit on the insides of the mask and wash it with water. There is an alternative, though, with companies making liquid products to prevent fogging. In case of emergency, the older and more convenient method is used most of the time.

Maintenance of a diving mask is easy. Just clean the inside and outside of the mask after every dive session and make sure not to expose the equipment to direct sunlight for long periods of time.
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