What is Scuba Gear

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Scuba diving is an underwater adventure that can be a recreational or professional activity. Whatever the purpose of the dive, it is essential to have the proper diving equipment. From the fins to the gloves, from the mask to the snorkel, from the wetsuit to the scuba gear, this equipment is needed to experience scuba diving at its safest and most fun.

Types of Scuba Gear

Scuba gear allows the wearer to breath and maneuver underwater. Scuba gear includes a regulator, a buoyancy compensator (BC), an octopus, gauges, and a scuba tank.

A scuba regulator reduces the pressure of the scuba tank so that is safe for divers to inhale and the scuba tank supplies the oxygen. A regulator is fitted on a tank and a hose with a control device is the diver’s tool to manipulate air inflow.
The octopus serves as an emergency regulator so more than one person may inhale the compressed air. It is used when a dive buddy needs an air supply.
A buoyancy compensator or buoyancy control device (BCD) is diving equipment used for buoyancy management. The buoyancy compensator allows the diver to float on the surface or sink deeper into the water. Buoyancy control devices are used for life saving emergency situations and to achieve neutral buoyancy underwater.
Gauges are used to monitor the quantity of air left in the tank, tank pressure, depth, and direction of the dive. Gauges may come in different forms and functions. A diver may choose specific gauges that may be of use for him or her during the dive.
A scuba tank is a steel cylinder that stores breathing gas or compressed air. It provides air for the diver and goes along with a scuba regulator. Scuba tanks come in different sizes depending on the duration and nature of the dive.
Scuba gear can be purchased at any scuba shop in various brands and styles. Many dive shops offer scuba packages of equipment that work well with other labels.
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