What are Sandals

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Sandals refer to an open type of footwear that has soles held together by straps that cross and pass the instep of the feet and the ankle. The most distinguishing feature of a pair of sandals is that most or all of the foot is revealed. Sandals are worn for just about any occasion, usually casual and relating to the everyday life. They provide comfort and ease of wear to the feet, particularly in warmer climates.

The soles of a sandal are made from different materials, usually rubber, rope, wood, leather, or tatami. Sandals straps may be made of elastic or woven material, and may or may not reach around the ankles. There are many kinds of sandals, all of which are used for specific purposes. They made be flat or have high heels. High heeled sandals have heels that vary in length and thickness, defining the type they are called. Some of the more popular types of sandals are the following:

*clogs – has a sole that is thick, heavy, and usually made of wood

* flip-flops – made of rubber and has crossed straps or thongs to hold onto the toes

* Grecian sandals – has interlaced straps that reach to around the ankle

* zori – flats usually made of cloth, straw, leather, or rubber, and has thong straps

Because of the comfort they provide, sandals are designed in a variety of styles that can go from casual to formal. Used by many people, sandals have become part of the culture of many countries around the world. Designer sandals, either flats or high heels, have become a staple in any fashionable woman’s wardrobe. They can be worn for just about any event—a dinner date or a night out in town with friends, a visit to the theater or the museum, or even just chilling around the house. The possibilities are endless.

To find the best pair of sandals, you need to check the fitting. They should not be too tight on your feet and ankle, and should not restrict your movement. If you need a pair of sandals for a more formal event, you can choose between a pair of flats that is bejeweled and a strappy high heeled pair.
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