Rottweiler Puppies

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One of the meanest looking breed of dogs known as Rottweilers are used for security and police purposes, They can be intimidating for many people. To be able to capture their soft and emotional side at the same time gain their trust, raise them up as Rottweiler puppies.
Appearance, Built and Temperament

Rottweiler puppies grow up to be very powerful dogs. Their body built is massive and muscular while their head is broad and rounded. Rotweiler muzzles are strong and sturdy and their eyes are very dark yet very expressive whether it’s loyalty to their owners or aggressiveness towards strangers. Rotweilers have black lips, dark gums. And has brown marking on their paws, legs, muzzle and two distinct ones above both of their eyes.

Rottweiler puppies can come in different variations such as the German Rottweiler and the Amercian Rotweiler. German Rotwieler puppies grow up to be shorter yet bulkier than the American version. American Rotweilers grow up to be taller yet not as bulky as the German type.

In terms of their personality, Rottweiler puppies typically are loyal dog which have a strong sense of devotion to their caretakers. That is probably reason why they are so defensive when it comes face-to-face with intruders or strangers. They are classified as fighting dogs and carry an undying will and perseverance overcome threatening opponents.

Raising Rottweiler Puppies and Sources

Raising a Rottwieler from birth is essential to develop a strong relationship between the owner and dog. It its during their stage, the Rottwieler puppy adjusts and adapts it’s surroundings and associates with other living things. Raising the Rottwieler puppy from birth by feeding and taking care of it established a strong emotional bond between the owner and dog. This type of bond is essential if the dog is to be trained.

Rottweiler puppies can grow to average height of 22 inches to 27 inches and a weight of 85 pounds to 130 pounds depending on how they are raised. If your interested in adopting or buying this dog breed as puppies many sources can be found on the Internet.
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