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Are you tired of always arriving late for work? Are you starting to make your boss breathe fire because of your consistent tardiness? Do you always receive the annual what-time-is-it award in your company? Sometimes, no matter how close your house is to your workplace, you still find it almost impossible to come on time. You can blame your alarm clock for always malfunctioning. You can blame the late-night TV shows that your eyes are always glued to the night before. You can blame the heavy traffic on the way to your office. Yes, traffic is always the best excuse. However the truth is that there is no excuse for tardiness because every excuse has an answer. For traffic, it’s the humble road bicycle.

Road bicycles are designed to be used on smooth and paved roads. People, especially those living in the city, have been taking advantage of road bicycles since their invention. If you don’t want to drive or take the bus to your office or school because of heavy traffic and you don’t want to walk because it will take so much of your time, then road bicycles may be the perfect solution to your problem.

Generally, road bikes have drop handlebars. A vast majority have multiple gears while the others use fixed and single gear varieties. Road bikes are very fast, strong and lightweight. However, over bad roads, you may find riding it very uncomfortable. Those who have shoulder, back, wrist, neck and prostate problems should also think twice.

There are three types of road bicycles: racing bikes, touring bikes and utility bikes. Racing bicycles are designed particularly for road cycling, a very popular sport in Europe. They are very lightweight and also allow aerodynamic efficiency. Their drop handlebars are situated lower than the saddle, putting the cyclist in an aerodynamic posture. The front and back wheels are positioned close together for quick handling.

Touring bikes are another type of road bicycle. They are specifically designed to handle bicycle touring. They are different from all the other types because they can carry gear on racks mounted on the frame. They also have sturdier wheels to carry more weight, fender mounting points and a frame set that can accommodate wider tires.

Another type of road bike is the utility bike. Utility bicycles are designed for practical purposes. They are used for running errands, short-distance commuting and shopping. They are generally heavier than the other road bikes because they are designed for low cost and durability rather than high performance and speed. The handlebars are usually higher than the saddle and curved back.

For cynics, every road is difficult. Even when the road is paved and smooth, it is still seen as a very difficult road to walk on. However, who says you have to walk? With a road bicycle, every paved road is a lot easier.
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