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In bjt the movement of electrons and hole totally depend on current.
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Answer :

In  BJT  there  is  movement  of   electrons  and  holes   accros  the  junctions  which  is  basicaly  current  flow.
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Answer : No, BJT is a current controlled device .

Answer : No, IGBT is not the current controlled device. IGBT is a voltage controlled device. IGBT have combine qualities of MOSFET and BJT. The high switching speed of MOSFET and low conduction losses of BJT. Also, IGBT which stands for Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor have high input impedance.

Description : A current controlled voltage source is equivalent to :  (A) series voltage feed -back amplifier (B) shunt current feed -back amplifier (C) shunt voltage feed -back amplifier (D) series current feed -back amplifier

Answer : A current controlled voltage source is equivalent to : shunt voltage feed -back amplifier

Description : A 3 -phase, fully controlled, converter is feeding power into a DC load at a constant current of 150 A, the rms value of the current flowing through each thyristor of the converter is

Answer : Please show the solution for this question