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Imagine a neuro-surgeon in an operating room just about to perform a critical brain operation without any of his surgical tools. Imagine a soldier just about to attack the enemy without any weapon. Imagine a painter in an international competition leaving all his materials at home. Just like any other job, proper gear and equipment is essential in firefighting. What’s the use of a group of firefighters without any tool, not even a firehose?

Firefighting Clothing

For a job as physical and as dangerous as firefighting, having the proper gear is crucial. Effective firefighting relies heavily on good training and appropriate equipment. If you are a firefighter, you know that one of the most important things you need is protective clothing. Firefighting apparel must meet the standards of your state or country. The apparel includes protective pants, jump suits, brush coats, chain saw chaps and safety vests. They should be made of Nomex and Kevlar. Nomex is a flame-resistant material. Kevlar is known for its tensile strength.

Hydration Packs

Aside from protective clothing, another firefighting essential is a hydration pack. A hydration pack is a hydration system built as a waistpack or backpack containing a reservoir made of flexible plastic or rubber. It contains a capped mouth for filling with water and a hose that enables the firefighter to drink without using his hands. It is a key tool in surviving a place on fire because firefighters need to keep hydrated without using their hands which will be more useful in carrying victims and putting out fire.

More Firefighter Gear

Gloves allow firefighters to move objects that may be an obstruction without hurting their hands. Boots are also necessary to avoid stepping on burning wood and other hot objects, allowing the firefighter to move around and do his job properly. Fire helmets protect the firefighters head from falling debris. Standard firefighting gear also includes radio harnesses, fire shelter, duck-bill lock breaker, halligan hook, banker gear, pike pole and hot shield.

Regular household tools are also used in firefighting. Axes, shovels, hoes, wrenches, flashlights and several other equipment are useful in allowing firefighters to explore the area, put out fire and rescue victims that may still be trapped in the place.
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