How To Make House Address Signs
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You live in a rather obscure part of town. Oftentimes, your friends get lost on the way to your home because they cannot differentiate your house from the houses of your neighbors. They usually ask your neighbors to direct them to your place of residence. Now, you just heard from one of your closest buddies that most of your pals are actually tired of going to your place. You need an item that will clearly show the street and house number of your residence to keep your friends and loved ones from getting lost. Build your own house address sign so that your home can be easily located.

House address signs come as plaques or standard signs that bear your house’s number and street. Usually, these signs are quite big so that they are visible from afar, though there are also small house signs that are mainly used for decorative purposes. House signs are also styled to elegantly stand out from the general theme of your home to be more visible. If you plan to make your own house address sign, make sure that your sign will blend with the design of your home.

A house address sign is quite challenging to create given the pattern of its letters and the materials used for it. Professional sign-makers use expensive machines to properly mold and style aluminum into a house sign. Of course, you do not need to buy any large piece of machinery to make this do-it-yourself item. You just need to get all the raw materials and the dimensions of your sign to a smithy and you will have a nice house address sign for your home. You won’t even have to pay the massively overpriced raw material expenses, labor expenses, rent expenses and other added fees for your sign.

Materials Used:

aluminum sheets
internet access
Design Your Sign

First, take note of the sign that you need. Carefully look at the theme of your home and imagine several suitable patterns for your sign. If you have cannot think of a good theme, you can go online and check the internet for sign patterns. There are numerous websites that show nearly a hundred designs for you to choose from. Once you have made your selection, you can either sketch or print your chosen sign pattern on a piece of paper.

Figure Out the Dimensions of Your Sign

You should now figure out the dimensions of your house address sign. Ideally, large signs are for homes that are quite far from the road and smaller signs are perfect for homes that have their gates or doorsteps by the road. Check the distance of your home from the road and from there, make a decision. Once you have formalized the dimensions of your sign, write them down.

Buy Raw Materials

Now, you can go to a metalwork store and buy aluminum sheets in accordance to the dimensions of your house address sign. Make sure that your dimensions are accurate because you might waste cash if you purchase the wrong amount of aluminum. When you have the aluminum, check the internet for the best blacksmiths in town. You can go to online reviews and online forums to get the best information on all the blacksmiths in your area.

Choose a Blacksmith

At this point, you can pay your chosen blacksmith a visit. Hand him the dimensions and the aluminum sheets for your sign. After you make the transaction, your new house address sign will be ready in a few weeks time. Stick the sign in front of your property to finish the process.

With the house address sign properly installed by your front door, your friends will never get lost and you will never lose friends ever again.
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