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Answer :

BJT control the flow of electron so it is a active device.
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Description : What do you mean by active filter? State its advantages over passive filter . Define pass band & stop band with respect to filter.

Last Answer : Active Filter: Active Filter is formed by using active element along with the passive components.  Advantages of Active filter over Passive filter: High value of pass band gain can be obtained. It is ... pass band.  Stop Band Filter: The frequency range which is attenuated is known as stop band.

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Description : Define active circuit and passive circuit.

Last Answer : Active circuit: Active Circuit is one which contains at least one source of e.m.f. or energy, is called active circuit.  Passive Circuit: Passive Circuit is one which does not contain any source of e.m.f. or energy in it, is called passive circuit.

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Description : Differentiate between active and passive transducers

Last Answer : Active Transducer:- A transducer which do not requires external energy source to convert signal from one form to another. Active transducers passes gain. e.g. Thermometer,Thermocuople, bourdon tubes, ... other form. Passive transducer passes loss. e.g. Thermistor, strain gauges, LVDT etc .

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Description : What is active and passive network?

Last Answer : Active network is a network which contain one or more than one EMF source. An active network consists of an active element like battery or transistor. Passive network is a ... contain any source of energy. Passive network consists of passive element like resistance, inductance and capacitance.

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Description : Define following networks (i) Active (ii) Passive (iii) Unilateral (iv) Bilateral. 

Last Answer : An element capable of giving out power or energy to some external device is called an active element. e.g. battery, generator etc. An element which is not an active element and capable of ... : A network consisting of only passive elements i.e. no active element, is called passive network.

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Description : A passive network

Last Answer : A passive network has no emf source.

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Description : A passive network is one which contains?

Last Answer : A passive network is one which contains no source of e.m.f. in it.

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Description : An FET is a better chopper than a BJT because it has (A) lower offset voltage (B) higher series ON resistance (C) lower input current (D) higher input impedance

Last Answer : An FET is a better chopper than a BJT because it has lower offset voltage

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Description : What is a BJT?

Last Answer : Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT): BJT is a Bipolar device. (Uses both electrons and holes charge carrier for current conduction) Two Junctions (Emitter junction & collector ... mode (Current amplification) Cutoff mode (Open switch) Saturation mode (Close switch)

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Last Answer : Yes IGBT is costlier than BJT and MOSFET.

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