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No. Wood is an insulator and it doesn't free electrons to flow in it.
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Description : What kinds of materials can not electricity pass through?

Answer : Rubber is a insulator it do not allow flow of current so electricity can not flow through rubber.

Description : What speed does electricity travel at?

Description : How does the electricity travel?

Answer : Electricity can only travel when there is a force pushing it. This force is called electromotive force. Take a look at  a water pump. When you on it force(EMF)will be applied to the ... its specified destination. This same process is applied to  electricity. EMF is required to start the process. 

Description : How is electricity passed through a wire?

Answer : A  wire contains  mobile  electrons  as  majority  charge  carriers  and  holes  as minority  charge carriers when  an emf  or   potential  diffrence is  provided , electrons  flow  in opposite  direction  with  holes(convection current  flow)