Describe following terms tree:
(i) Leaf node
(ii) Level of node


Description : Describe following terms w.r.t. Analog voltmeter : (i) Sensitivity (ii) Loading effect

Answer : Sensitivity: The sensitivity of a voltmeter is just its capability to detect voltage, usually meaning smaller and smaller voltages. When selecting a meter for a certain voltage measurement, it is ... called loading effect of the voltmeters. It is mainly caused due to low sensitivity instruments.

Description : List any 4 applications of queue.

Answer :  In computer system to maintain waiting list for single shared resources such as printer, disk, etc.  It is used as buffers on MP3 players, iPod playlist, etc.  Used for CPU scheduling ... order, until a service representative is free.  Handling of interrupts in real-time systems.  Simulation

Description : Define the term algorithm.

Answer : Algorithm is a stepwise set of instructions written to perform a specific task.

Description : The order of a leaf node in a B+ tree is the maximum number of children it can have. Suppose that block size is 1 kilobytes, the child pointer takes 7 bytes long and search field value takes 14 bytes long. The order of the leaf node is ............ (1) 16 (2) 63 (3) 64 (4) 65

Answer : Answer: All

Description : Define the terms : i) Node ii) Branch iii) Loop iv) Mesh

Answer : i) Node:  A point or junction where two or more elements of the network are connected together is called as node.  ii) Branch: A part of an electric network which lies between two junctions ... path (same as loop) in an electric circuit. OR A loop that does not contain any other loop inside

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