Natural Aspirin

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To keep your diet high in natural salicylates (the main ingredient in aspirin that helps prevent heart attacks), eat more oranges, raspberries, apricots and cherries. For additional salicylates, season foods with cinnamon, curry, cayenne and thyme.
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Description : Best Natural Antioxidant Spice

Answer : Best Natural Antioxidant Spice - Cloves Researchers have identified cloves (Syzygium aromaticum) as the best natural antioxidant spice, because they contain high levels of phenolic compounds, as well as ... used in a Mediterranean diet . Flavour and Fragrance Journal 25, 13-19, February 2010.

Description : Organic Gardening Natural Gardening

Answer : Organic Gardening The Basics of Organic Gardening When we talk of organic gardening, some of us believe that it is a process where gardens are cultivated without the aid of synthetic chemicals to ... not only that, you also get to do your part in maintaining the balance of our environment.

Description : How to choose high quality and natural dairy products?

Answer : Dairy products have always been the basis of nutrition, and this is quite justified: after all, they contain only natural substances that contribute to normal digestion. However, in an effort to reduce ... kilogram. Real sour cream will only be called sour cream, and butter will be called butter.

Description : Differentiate between Natural and Forced commutation

Answer : Natural commutation Forced commutation Source is AC Source is DC External commutating componants are not required  External commutating componants are required SCR turns off ... in controlled rectifiers, AC voltage controllers etc.  Used in choppers & inverters etc

Description : Define natural, mechanical, forced and induced draught systems.

Answer : Natural draught system: - When the fuel is burnt (combustion) in the furnace due to natural circulation of air, the draught is called natural draught. Mechanical draught system: -  In a mechanical ... combustion. OR If fan/blower is placed after the furnace then it is called as induced draught

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