How To Relieve Stress

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How To Relieve Stress
Almost everyone has nervous jitters at sometime during their life. There are many ways to calm your nerves and relieve stress in your life.
1. A warm bath is helpful. Be sure the water is not too hot as hot water tends to stimulate.

2. A warm cup of tea works wonders. There are many varieties of flavored tea on the market today. Try to choose one that is decaffeinated. For instance, Chamomile tea has no caffeine and it has a relaxing effect.

3. Visualization is used a lot to calm nerves. Sit back in a comfortable chair. Clothing must not be tight. Try to relax your body. At first, you'll find it difficult to clear your mind but keep trying . Soon you will start to relax. Visualize a peaceful setting. Such as laying on the warm sand of a beach. Listen to the waves as they pound upon the beach and smell the salty sea breeze. Feel the warm sun touching your skin.

Try to imagine that you're in a big clear bubble floating above a emerald green valley. Visualize anything that makes you feel relaxed.

4. Breathing exercises are great for relieving stress. Breath in a deep breath. Hold it and count to ten. Let out the air and as you do visualize the air as being all the pent up stress.

5. It is very important that one has something useful to do during the day and to stay occupied.

6 An hour to a nervous person seems like forever. It is essential that a nervous person has outside interest so that time passes quickly.

7. Breathing into a paper bag and then rebreathing the air in the bag can be relaxing.

8. Meditation is another helpful tool. Find a comfortable place to sit. And be as quite as possible and there should be no distractions. Clear your mind. While you're meditating its nice to listen to some relaxing music such as Classical or New Age. Try to do this for at least fifteen minutes a day.

9. Try to exercise when you're feeling nervous and stressed out. Taking a walk is wonderful for stress. The fresh air and open spaces gives you a better mood and makes everything look so much better.

10 Another great way to relive stress is to have a good massage
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