What misfortune fell upon London in 1666? (A) The Great Flood (B) The Plague (C) The Great Fire (D) The Great Depression

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Answer :

(C) The Great Fire 
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Description : Madame Tussaud’s is __________ in London. (A) a circus (B) a theatre (C) a museum (D) an art gallery

Answer : (C) a museum 

Description : What is the student quarter in London? (A) Westminster (B) The City (C) Bloomsbury (D) Latin Quarter

Answer : (C) Bloomsbury 

Description : What London street is known as the centre of journalism? (A) Leicester Square (B) Piccadilly Circus (C) Fleet Street (D) Bond Street

Answer : (C) Fleet Street 

Description : Which part of London is the heart of its business and commercial life? (A) The City (B) The East End (C) The West End (D) Westminster

Answer : (A) The City 

Description : Greater London is __________ (A) a part of London. (B) the official name of the city. (C) the counties around London. (D) the city and the areas around it.

Answer : (D) the city and the areas around it. 

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