Gary baby syndrome occur in new born with a) Tetracycline b) Chloramphenicol c) Penicillin d) Erythromycin

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b) Chloramphenicol 
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Description : According to Rawlins–Thompson classification Type D ADR includes___________ a) Carcinogenesis b) Bradycardia associated with beta blockers c) Anaphylaxis associated with penicillin d) Opiate withdrawal syndrome

Description : When tetracycline is given with antacids the absorption of tetracycline ----------------. a) Increases b) Decreases c) Minimally altered d) Not altered at all

Description : All are Selected Cytochrome P3A4 Inducer EXCEPT___________ a) Efavirenz b) Erythromycin c) Dexamethasone d) Nevirapine

Description : Which of the following would you classify as a pharmacodynamics interaction? a) ACE inhibitors with potassium-sparing diuretics cause life-threatening hyperkalaemia b) Antacids reduce the absorption ... Increased bleeding due to cimetidine and warfarin d) Probenecid increases half-life of penicillin

Description : Which of the following is a valid therapeutic use of interaction? A. Use of Probenecid with Penicillin B. Giving Aspirin with warfarin C. Instructing patient to take levofloxacin with milk or antacid D. Treatment of depression of MAO Inhibitor and Citalopram

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