State the situations where following paints are used: (i) Oil paints (ii) Distempers (iii) Varnishes (iv) Cement paints

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Situations where following paints are used:

1) Oil paints: structural steel members to protect from corrosion, wooden doors and windows, walls, ceilings, to protect from insects.

2) Distempers : on internal walls , ceilings

3) Varnishes: wooden surface of doors and windows, Brightening coats of painted surfaces, To improve appearance of ornamental grains of wood surfaces.

4) Cement paint: on external walls of building, stone masonry, concrete surfaces
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Description : Suggest the type of cement used for the following : (i) For modular construction where form work needs to be removed early for re-use. . (ii) Mass concreting such as construction of dam. (iii) Decorative works in external surfaces of building. (iv) Cementing the oil well.

Answer : i) For modular construction where form work needs to be removed early for reuse. – Rapid Hardening Cement ii) Mass concreting such as construction of dam. – Low heat cement. iii) Decorative works in external surfaces of building – Coloured cement. iv) Cementing the oil well. – Oil Well Cement. 

Description : State the situations where oil paint and distempers are used.

Answer : situations where oil paint are used: 1. It can be used on dry surface (damp free), on wood & metal works. For enhancing the appearance. 2. To protect the metals works from corrosion. 3. To ... Used on wall boards. 3. To enhance the appearance of plaster. 4. To increase life of plaster. 

Description : Suggest the type of glass used for the following work: i) Making panel of partition wall ii) Cashier Cabin iii) Skylight iv) Door Shutter

Answer : i) Making panel of partition wall: Block glass OR Sheet Glass OR chipped and ground glass OR soda lime glass ii) Cashier Cabin-Polished plate glass OR bullet proof glass OR soda lime glass OR laminated ... clear window glass or lead glass iv) Door Shutter: Soda lime glass OR tempered glass

Description : State situations where sound insulating and damp proofing materials are used. 

Answer : Situations where sound insulating materials are used: 1) Glass, mineral wool mats, are used as sound insulators as solid inner layers underneath floors, 2) Wood fibre and asbestos cement slabs are used ... in toilet floors of upper story, so that no dampness will occur in slab below that floor.

Description : State any four situations where hollow concrete block masonry is used.

Answer : Situations where hollow concrete block masonry is used. 1) Hollow concrete blocks are fire resistant and hence are used in masonry where fire resistance is necessary, like furnace, chimney etc. ... . 6) They are used to achieve lower labor involvement and greater durability, like Retaining walls

Description : Write the situations where Geo-synthetic material products and artificial timber is used.

Answer : Geosynthetic material products are used in following situations1) When there is a possibility of piping i.e. soil movement due to movement of water. To prevent soil movement (piping), while letting ... ) When it is necessary to improve the appearance with the use of artificial timber for flooring.

Description : Suggest one type of materials for water proofing for the following situations. i. Rising dampness in building ii. Leakages in dam iii. Concrete continuously in wet or damp condition iv. Leakages in lavatory ,bathroom and kitchen floor v. Cracks on plastered surface vi. Cracks on roof surface

Answer : i. Flexible materials like butyl rubber, hot bitumen (asphalt), plastic sheets, bituminous felts, sheets of lead. ii. Liquid applied cementitious membranes iii. Liquid applied cementitious membranes ... v. Liquid applied cementitious membranes. vi. Brick bat coba, liquid applied bituminous membrane.

Description : State the properties and uses of varnishes.

Answer : Properties of varnishes: 1) It should render the surface glossy. 2) It should dry rapidly or quickly. 3) It should not shrink or show cracks after drying. 4) The protecting film ... 2. Brightening coats of the painted surface. 3. Improving appearance and ornamental gains of wood surfaces.

Description : Consider the relations R(A,B) and S(B,C) and the following four relational algebra queries over R and S: I. πA,B(R⋈S) II. R⋈πB(S) III. R∩(πA(R) Χ πB(S)) IV. πA,R.B(R Χ S) where R.B refers to ... IV are the same query. (C) I, II and IV are the same query. (D) I, III and III are the same query.

Answer : (D) I, III and III are the same query.

Description : State the function and shape of following parts used in induction type energy meter: i) Series magnet ii) Shunt magnet iii) Al disc iv) Brake magnet

Answer : i) Series magnet: produce flux proportional to current (load current) of circuit and interact in the aluminum disc with flux produced by voltage magnet for torque production. Its shape is like letter U.  ii) ... : brakes the motion of the aluminum disc or slows it down. Its shape is like letter C. 

Description : State the function of following auxiliaries used in electric locomotive, i) Batteries ii ) Compressor iii ) Blower iv ) Exhauster 

Answer : Ans: 1) Batteries - supply to run baby compressor which supplies air for initial raising of pantograph and closing of air blast circuit breaker. 2) Compressor - supply air for operation, control and ... blower, reactor blower, SCR blower, traction motor blower etc. 4) Exhausters - for vacuum brakes.

Description : State the two uses of the following construction materials: i) Hollow blocks ii) Pavement blocks 

Answer : i) Hollow Blocks: a) Used for external load bearing walls, b) Panel walls, c) Columns, d) Retaining Walls e) Compound Walls, f) Used for sound insulation g) It Keeps the house cool in summer ... give pleasant look d) Petrol pumps e) gardens f) Airports g) Kids play area h) Jogging tracks

Description : State the uses (two each) of the following construction materials: i) Soda lime glass ii) Ferrous metal

Answer : i) Soda lime glass: a) Used in window and plate glass b) Glass blocks c) Bottles d) Inexpensive table wares e) Fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs ii) Ferrous metal: a) CI (Cast Iron) ... GI sheets f) Carbon steel is used for making tools g) Weld meshes are used for partition and fencing

Description : Give one application of :(i) Mineral oil (ii) Varnish (iii) Synthetic oil (iv) Vegetable oil 

Answer : i) Application of Mineral oil:  1. Used in transformer. 2. Used in switchgear 3. Used for circuit breaker 4. Used for capacitor 5. Used in paper insulated cables 6. It is used in Rector ii) ... Vegetable oil:  1. Used as a lubricant. 2. For illumination effect 3. Used for eating purpose. 

Description : Enlist the types of paints. 

Answer : Different types of paints are : 1) Oil paint 2) Water Paint 3) Cement Paint 4) Plastic Paint 5) Aluminium Paint 6) Velvet Finish Paint 7) Elastic Paint The paints are also divided ... water and chemicals, ii) Urethane oils, iii) Ship paints, iv) Anticondensation paints, v) Antifouling paints.

Description : Beam-penetration and shadow-mask are the two basic techniques for producing color displays with a CRT. Which of the following is not true ? I. The beam-penetration is used with random scan monitors. II. Shadow-mask is used ... -penetration method. (A) I and II (B) II and III (C) III only (D) IV only

Answer : (C) III only

Description : What can you say about the following statements? I. XML tags are case-insensitive. II. In JavaScript, identifier names are case-sensitive. III. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) cannot be used with XML. IV. All well-formed ... IV are false. (3) only I and III are false. (4) only II and IV are false. 

Answer : Answer: Marks to all

Description : State important properties and uses of geopolymer cement 

Answer : Properties: a) It gain ultimate strength within 24 hours and cures more rapidly than OPC. b) It has an ability to form strong chemical bond with all types of reagents and water. c)It ... of fresh water via the elimination of fly-ash disposal sites. h) Various applications in building industry

Description : Explain various types of Cement and also state the uses.

Answer : Following are the various types of cement: 1.Ordinary Portland Cement:-  This Cement is the basic Portland cement and is used in general for most of the construction work. this cement is used at situations ... agent to the ordinary cement. Uses: It is used for making pre cast products.

Description : State the applications of geo-polymer cement. 

Answer : Application of geo polymer cement: 1) It is used in geo-polymer concrete, as a substitute for ordinary Portland cement. 2) It is used in transportation like roads, Bridges, embankment etc. ... is used in manufacturing of pavement blocks. 5) Geo-polymer cement has off shore application also.

Description : State functions of ; i) Cable box ii) Guard wire iii) Shackle insulator iv) Stay wire used in service connection

Answer : i) Function of Cable box: To hold and inspect incoming and outgoing terminals  ii) Function of Guard wire : A grounded conductor placed beneath an overhead transmission line in order to ground ... in service connection: To give mechanical Support to pole, line and prevent leakage current if any

Description : State the uses of (i) Glass Fibres (ii) Asbestos Fibres. 

Answer :  Uses of Glass Fibres : 1. Used as filter in air conditioners. 2. Used as fine aggregate for finishing plaster to reduce cracking. 3. Used with plastic to produce glass reinforced plastic (GRP), ... 5. It is used for thermal insulation work for pipe line. 6. Used in electrical insulation work.

Description : State suitability of: (i) Water proofing materials and (ii) Sound insulating materials

Answer : i) Suitability of water proofing materials: 1. Concrete, Bricks, Stones, plaster have tendency to get deteriorate, hence leakage of water may occur in slab, beam, columns. Bitumen and tars ... noise. 6) Acoustic tiles and acoustic plaster are suitable where absorption of sound is required.

Description : Name the steering gear box used in following:  (i) Maruti ‘Alto’  (ii) Tata ‘Sumo’  (iii) Ashok Leyland Truck (iv) Road Roller

Answer : (i) Maruti ‘Alto’=========Rack and Pinion Type Gear Box. (ii) Tata ‘Sumo’==========Recireulating Ball Type Gear Box. (iii) Ashok Leyland Truck === Worm and Nut Type Gear Box (iv) Road Roller=========== Worm and Roller Type Steering Gear Box

Description : Name the material used and the sensitivity of following thermocouple type: (i) J (ii) K (iii) R (iv) S

Answer : Material used and the sensitivity of following thermocouple:

Description : Consider the following justifications for commonly using the two-level CPU scheduling : I. It is used when memory is too small to hold all the ready processes. II. Because its performance is same as that of the FIFO. III. Because it ... ? (A) I, III and IV (B) I and II (C) III and IV (D) I and III

Answer : (D) I and III

Description : Suggest the type of lubricant used for the following jobs: i) Clock ii) I.C. Engines iii) Gears iv) Sewing machine

Answer : i) Clock : Vegetable and animal oils like palm oil, hazel nut oil, neat foot oil, etc ii) I.C. Engines: Mineral oils containing additives are used. iii) Gears: Thick mineral oils containing ... Mineral oil, silicones, thin vegetable and animal oils like palm oil, hazel nut oil, neat foot oil.

Description : Write down the method used for following product : (i) credit card (ii) carrying case (iii) hollow cylinder (iv) knobs

Answer : i) Credit Card :- Plastic compounding and molding, Printing, Lamination, Cutting and Embossing. ii) Carrying case:- injection moulding iii) Hollow cylinder:- extrusion iv) Knobs:- compression moulding

Description : Define following terms used in A.C. circuits : (i) Cycle (ii) Rms value (iii) Phase difference (iv) Average value

Answer : (i) Cycle:   A complete set of variation of an alternating quantity which is repeated at regular interval of time is called as a cycle. OR  Each repetition of an alternating quantity ... charge as is transferred by the alternating current during the same time under the same conditions. 

Description : Select insulating materials for following parts : (i) Insulation between heating element and base plate of electric iron. (ii) Insulation used over copper or aluminium conductor used for making coils. (iii) Transformer bushings. (iv) Insulation between transmission line and pole.

Answer : Parts Insulating Materials  Insulation between heating element and base plate of electric iron. Mica Insulation used over copper or aluminium conductor used for making coils.  ... Transformer bushings Porcelain  Insulation between transmission line and pole. Porcelain

Description : Name the method used to measure following resistances:- (i) Low resistance (ii) Medium resistance (iii) Insulation resistance (iv) Earth resistance.

Answer : Following are the methods used to measure resistances:-  (i) Low resistance: 1.Voltmeter-Ammeter Method 2. Kelvin's Double bridge Method  (ii) Medium resistance: 1.Voltmeter-Ammeter Method 2. ... of Charge Method  (iv) Earth resistance : 1. Fall of Potential Method 2. Earth tester

Description : State the functions following ignition system components (i) Ignition coil (ii) Distributor (iii)Condenser (iv)Spark plug

Answer : Functions following ignition system components: (i) Ignition coil: Ignition coil receives voltage from primary circuit and convert it to very high voltage up to 28000 volts required for spark by means of ... Charge of air and petrol is ignited by means of the spark produced by spark plug.

Description : State the functions and materials of following engine components: (i) Piston (ii) Connecting rod (iii)Crank shaft (iv)Exhaust manifold

Answer : Engine components Material Functions Piston Cat aluminum alloy To transmit the force of explosion to the crankshaft. To form seal so that the high pressure gases in ... atmosphere through the exhaust pipe after combustion stroke is completed. To keep back pressure minimum.

Description : State the purposes of following methods of leveling. i)Profile leveling, ii)Fly leveling, iii)Check leveling iv)Reciprocal leveling

Answer : 1. Profile leveling- To determine the undulation of ground surface along given line for alignment of road, canal or pipe, railway line 2. Fly leveling-It is used to for connecting B.M. to ... is used to find the difference in leveling between two points two point obstructed due to river or pond.

Description : State the uses of following instruments in survey: i)Cross staff ii) Chain iii) Pegs iv) Arrows

Answer : i) Cross-Staff: To set up perpendicular or right angle to given chain line OR to find foot of perpendicular from given object to a chain line. ii) Chain: Chains are used for measuring distances. iii) ... on survey lines. iv) Arrows : They are used to mark the end of each chain during chaining. 

Description : State suitability of following compaction equipments (i) Smooth wheel roller (ii) Sheep foot roller, (iii) Rammer and (iv) Vibrator

Answer : Types of Compaction Equipment: - i) Compaction by Rolling: - a) Smooth wheel rollers : Suitability: These rollers best suitable for 5ubgrade or base coarse compaction of cohesion less soils. ... : Suitable for compacting granular soils. with no fines in layer up to 1 m thickness

Description : State and explain the need of the following development tools microcontroller board: (i) Editor (ii) Assembler (iii) Compiler (iv) Linker

Answer : 1) Editor: An editor is a program which helps you to construct your assembly language program in right format so that the assembler will translate it correctly to machine language. So, you can type your ... . Some examples of linker are ASEM-51 BL51, Keil u Vision Debugger, LX 51 Enhanced Linker etc

Description : State the use of following: (i) Screw driver (ii) Nose pliers (iii) Wire gauge (iv) Test lamp 

Answer : i) Screw Driver: Usually hand-operated, for turning screws with slotted heads for losing and tightening the screws.  ii) Nose pliers : To hold and tight the wires   iii) Wire Gauge: To ... supply voltage, Verification of voltage & current in the system and also check the open circuit fault. 

Description : State the function of following parts of DC motor : i) Yoke ii) Poles iii) Field winding iv) Commutator. 

Answer : Function : i) Yoke: The yoke serves the following two purposes. i) It supports the other components such as poles and provides mechanical protection for whole machine. ii) It forms a part of ... one pole to another and thus to help the motor to develop a continuous and unidirectional torque  

Description : State the function of following parts of slip ring induction motor: (i) Slip ring (ii) Fan (iii) Brushes (iv) Frame

Answer : Sr. No. Name of part Function 1 Slip ring 1) The rotor winding terminals are permanently connected to the slip rings. 2) Connects external resistance to rotor circuit through ... It provides mechanical support to the entire internal parts of motor. 2) Protects the inner parts.

Description : State any two applications of each for the following types of electrical heating : (i) Direct resistance heating(ii) Indirect induction heating (iii) Direct.arc heating (iv) Dielectric heating

Answer : (i) Direct resistance heating:- 1. This type of heating used for industrial purpose 2. Salt bath heating: This utilized for the purpose of carbonizing, tempering, quenching and hardening of steel tools 3. ... purpose. 14)In foundry for heating of sand, core, which are used in molding processes.

Description : State the function of following components of a nuclear power station: i) Moderator ii) Shielding iii) Control rod iv) Coolant 

Answer : i) Function of Moderator :- Moderator is to moderate or reduce the speed of fast neutron to help the fission process.  ii) Function of sheilding : Shielding is to protect environment, ... from reactor core and transfer it in heat exchanger for producing steam at high pressure and temperature. 

Description : State the functions of following elements: i) Diesel engine system ii) Air intake system iii) Engine exhaust system iv) Engine starting system.

Answer : i) Diesel engine system:-  Four strokes Two strokes ii) Air intake system:- Air intake system is provided to supply air to engine cylinder for fuel combustion.  iii) Engine exhaust system ... provided to rotate the engine initially until the firing starts and engine run under its own power. 

Description : State the function of following elements: i) Storage reservoir ii) Intake iii) Trash rack iv) Tail race.

Answer : i) Function of Storage reservoir:- Its function is to store the water during rainy season and supplies the same throughout the year. ii) Function of Intake:-  The water from reservoir is released ... . OR Tailrace path of water is connected to the next stage of generation/river/lake/ ocean.

Description : State the significance of following terms : i) Hydrology ii) Surface run-off iii) Evaporation iv) Precipitation

Answer : (i) Hydrology: It may be defined as the science which deals with the depletion and replenishment of water resources. Hydrology deals with the occurrence and distribution of water over and under earth's ... types:  a) Liquid precipitation (Rainfall)  b) Solid precipitation (Snow, Hail) 

Description : State the application of following materials : i) CRGO Silicon Steel ii) HRGO Silicon Steel iii) Amorphous metal iv) Bronze 

Answer : Applications of CRGO Silicon Steel: 1) Manufacturing distribution and power transformer cores. 2) Manufacturing cores of audio transformers, ballast transformers, specialty transformers. 3) Manufacturing cores ... used. 5) Cadmium bronze is used for making commutator segments and contact wires. 

Description : Which one of the following vegetable oils is used in the manufacture of paints? (1) Palm oil (2) Sunflower oil (3) Linseed oil (4) Cottonseed oil

Answer : Linseed oil

Description : What are the objectives of following one each. i)Topographic Survey ii)Cadastral Survey iii)Engineering Survey iv)Mine Survey

Answer : i) Topographic Survey : To determine natural features like river, streams , lakes , hills etc and artificial features like roads , railways , canal , town and villages .  ii) Cadastral ... Mine Survey :To explore mineral deposits and to guide tunneling and other operations associated with mining. 

Description : Which of the following is/are advantage(s) of a functional structure? I. Permits growth and diversity of products and services. II. Power and prestige. III. Clarity about career paths. IV. Furnishes measurable training ground ... (c) Both (II) and (III) above ; (d) (I), (II) and (III) above

Answer : (c) Both (II) and (III) above ; 

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