Explain defects in timber with neat sketch.

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Types of Defects in timber are grouped into the following divisions. The main natural forces responsible for causing defects in timber are abnormal growth and rapture of tissues.

1. Knots: Bases of branches or limbs which are broken or cut off from the tree as shown in the figure.


2. Star Shake: These are radial splits or cracks widest at the circumference and get diminishing towards the center of the tress. These may arise mostly from severe frost and fierce heat of sun.


3. Heart Shakes: These are the splits or cracks widest at the center and diminishing towards the outside circumference, this defects usually occurs in over matured tress and is probably caused due to the shrinkage of heart wood


4. Twisted fibers: caused by twisting of young trees by fast blowing wind as shown in figure.


5. Radial Shake: These are similar to star shakes but they are fine, irregular and numerous. They usually occur when tree is exposed to sun for seasoning after being felled down. 


6. Rind galls: Rind means bark and gall indicates abnormal growth and peculiar curved swellings found on the body of a tree.


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Answer : a) Knots: These are the bases of branches which are broken off from the tree. This occurs because of improper cutting of tree. b) Shakes: These are cracks in the timber which appear due to excessive frost or ... of timber f) Bow: This is bending along the longer side of timber.

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Answer : i) Clean the slab ii) Expose cracks by tools and make them V' shaped. iii) Fill mix of cement mortar iv) Fill brick bats and sand over the slab v) Sprinkle cement slurry and paste of water proofing ... tiles over the layer of cement mortar 1:3 vii) Cure it for 3 days and slab is water proof.

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Answer : 1. Natural tile: These types of tiles are produced from natural materials that are quarried, finished and cut to size. Common types of stones used as flooring tiles include granite, marble, ... acquire the desire print or colour after manufacturing. They are famous inthe name of galicha tiles. 

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Answer : Lime Mortar:-Lime Mortar is a paste prepared by adding required quantity of water to a mixture of lime and fine aggregate like sand. Properties of Lime Mortar : 1)It should be capable of ... not develop cracks and they should be able  To maintain their appearance for a sufficiently long period.

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Answer : A method of giving the temporary support to the side of deep trench or when subsoil is loose or very soft is known as timbering (i.e. shoring) and strutting. It consists of timber planks and strut to give ... sheeting 3. Vertical sheeting 4. Runner system  5. Sheet Piling 

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Answer : The different types of traffic island are as follow: (1) Rotary or central islands. (2) Channelising or refuse islands. (1) Rotary or central islands: A traffic island constructed in ... each site of road intersection. A few typical designs of Channelising islands are illustrated below:

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Answer : Combustion chambers used in S.I. engine:- 1) T - Head 2) I - Head. 3) F - Head. 4) L - Head 5) Divided combustion chamber. 1. T Head Type Combustion chambers.  This ... and therefore more heat loss. 4. Valve size restricted. 6. Thermal failure in cylinder block also. 

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Answer : Procedure for locating the Phreatic line i) Draw an earthen dam having upstream face AB with water surface. ii) On water surface measure distance BC = 0.3 L C is starting pt of base parabola. Let F' ... parabola i.e. Phreatic line. viii) Here G,Q1,Q2,Q3,Q4 and B represent Phreatic line 

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Answer : Importance of Pressure pad:  It is used for drawing operation for maintaining flat surface of the cup. A pressure pad presses against the material during L bending or U bending, and is used for ... . There is also the purpose of stripping off the material from the punch after forming.

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Answer : Method of Welding Used in Manufacturing Sheet Metal Roofs and doors of automobiles: MIG Welding: Gas-metal-arc welding is a gas shielded metal arc welding process which uses the high ... mixtures) which will not combine with metal. Carbon dioxide is most commonly used as it inexpensive.

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Answer : Stub:- Stub is the piece of short circuited transmission line which is used to tune out the reactance of the load when connected across the transmission line as close as possible ... but lengths are independently adjustable. The double stub matching provides wide range of impedance matching. 

Description : Explain in detail principle, construction and working of Radiation Pyrometer with neat sketch.

Answer : Radiation pyrometer Principle: According to Stefan Boltzmann's law, the intensity of radiant energy emitted by a hot target varies as the fourth power of its absolute temperature. ... is calibrated in terms of target temperature by using either a voltmeter or Wheatstone bridge circuit.

Description : (i) Explain zeroth law of thermodynamic with neat sketch. (ii) Write the procedure for Energy saving in household appliances. 

Answer : i) Zeroth law of thermodynamics - If two thermodynamic systems are each in thermal equilibrium with a third, then they are in thermal equilibrium with each other ii) Procedure for Energy ... Install energy efficient open glass windows to use sun light. Upgrade your HVAC system.

Description : Explain with neat sketch variation of pressure in horizontal and vertical direction in static liquid.

Answer : a) Pressure diagram for horizontal surface b)Pressure diagram for vertical surface

Description : State the role of civil engineer in the field of Environmental Engineering.

Answer : The civil engineer plays an important role in Environmental Engineering in the following ways: 1. Sensible use of water, land, and air so that the environmental pollution and degradation is ... , designing, construction of water and waste water treatment plants, and disposal of solid waste.

Description : State the role of civil engineering in human life

Answer : The Civil Engineering plays an important role in human life in the following ways: 1. Designing and construction of infrastructure 2. Includes roads, bridges, dams, canals, buildings, water supply ... 4. Water supply for drinking, agriculture, waste disposal etc. is also done by civil engineers.

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Answer : Properties: 1. It is hard. 2. It is bristle. 3. It is in the form of amorphous (non-crystalline) 4. The structure is glassy. 5. It is insulator thermally & electrically. 6. It is ... porcelain. 6. For making POP. 7. For making electric. 8. For Manufacturing of sanitary wares, pavers. 

Description : What are the various operations involved in manufacturing of burnt clay bricks? 

Answer : Manufacturing of Burnt Clay Brick consists of a) Preparation of clay. b) Moulding c) Drying d) Burning.

Description : State the materials required for irrigation structures in general. 

Answer : 1) Cement 2) Aggregate 3) Sand 4) Soil 5) Brick 6) Fly Ash 7) Tiles 8) Stones 9) Steel 10) Bitumen etc. 

Description : Describe in brief termite proofing.

Answer : Termite proofing:  In building construction, wooden materials are used for doors, window frames, furniture, electric boxes etc. These have tendency to be attacked by termites or white ants and ... the holes are made around the building and then termite proof chemicals are put into those holes.

Description : Describe the scope of construction material in environmental engineering. 

Answer : The goal of environmental engineering is to ensure the community development and the sensible use of water, land and air resources to make them sustainable. This goal is achieved by managing ... , artificial sand , waterproofing and damp proofing material of required quality and quantity is used.

Description : Suggest the type of cement used for the following : (i) For modular construction where form work needs to be removed early for re-use. . (ii) Mass concreting such as construction of dam. (iii) Decorative works in external surfaces of building. (iv) Cementing the oil well.

Answer : i) For modular construction where form work needs to be removed early for reuse. – Rapid Hardening Cement ii) Mass concreting such as construction of dam. – Low heat cement. iii) Decorative works in external surfaces of building – Coloured cement. iv) Cementing the oil well. – Oil Well Cement. 

Description : Describe four steps in operation of stone blasting.

Answer : The stone blasting process is carried out by adopting following operations.  1) Drilling holes in the stones: Holes are drilled upto the required depth of the line of least ... blasting, disintegrated blocks of stones are collected and transported to the required site under construction. 

Description : State the role of civil engineer in the field of transportation engineering.

Answer : Role of civil engineer in the field of transportation engineering. 1. To maintain safety, adequacy and economy in the means of transport for the need of society. 2. Civil engineer work ... . Remote areas and rural areas become accessible and communicable if connected by proper means of transport.

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