Describe the selection criteria for selecting stone for face work of building. 

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Selection criteria for selecting stone for face work of building.

1. Appearance: For face work it should have fine, compact texture; Light-coloured stone is preferred as dark colours are likely to fade out in due course of time.

2. Structure: A broken stone should not be dull in appearance and should have uniform texture free from cavities, cracks, and patches of loose or soft material.

Stratifications should not be visible to naked eye.

3. Strength: A stone should be strong and durable to withstand the disintegrating action of weather. Compressive strength of building stones in practice range between 60 to 200 N/mm2 .

4. Weight: It is an indication of the porosity and density. For stability of structures such as dams, retaining walls, etc. heavier stones are required, whereas for arches, vaults, domes, etc. light stones may be the choice.

5. Hardness: This property is important for floors, pavements, aprons of bridges, etc. The hardness is determined by the Mohr’s scale.

6. Toughness: The measure of impact that a stone can withstand is defined as toughness. The stone used should be tough when subjected to vibratory or moving loads.

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1. Appearance: Stone to be used for construction should be decent in appearance and have uniform colour

2. Durability: A Good building stone should be durable i.e. it should resist atmospheric action and should be long lasting

3. Crushing strength: For a good stone, the crushing strength should be more than 100 N/mm2

4. Facility of dressing: Stones should be such that they can be dressed easily and economically.

5. Specific gravity: For a good building stone, the specific gravity should be more than 2.7

6. Water absorption: The percentage of water absorption of water by weight after 24 hours should not exceed 60%

7. Resistance to fire: Minerals in stones should be such that it should not catch fire easily.

8. Seasoning: Stones should be well seasoned before use.

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Answer : Both the stones reach the ground at the same time

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Answer : D) All Of These. 

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Answer : 1) Cement 2) Aggregate 3) Sand 4) Soil 5) Brick 6) Fly Ash 7) Tiles 8) Stones 9) Steel 10) Bitumen etc. 

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Answer : 1. Natural materials- Stone,Sand,Timber etc.. 2. Artificial materials- Brick, Tile, Cement etc. 3. Special materials- Fibre, Bitumen etc. 4. Finishing materials- POP, Wall Cladding etc.  5. Recycled materials- Fly Ash, Rice Husk etc.

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Answer : Following materials are used for water proofing Water proofing materials based on bitumen and tar binders are 1) Emulsions and pastes 2) Mastics . Hot and Cold Mastics  Bitumen , ... ) Coated impregnated roll materials ii) Non Coated impregnated cardboard rolled materials 4) Sealing materials

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Answer : Waste materials produced from agricultural byproducts such as coconut shells, sugarcane bagasse, straw, rice husk, coconut fibers, coconut and areca nut tree trunks, coconut leaves etc. are known ... floor tiles, brushes, mattresses j) Mixed with cement mortar which increases the impact strength

Description : Explain about geo synthetics materials. Mention application of it

Answer : Geosynthetics are man-made materials used to improve soil condition. Geo means earth or soil and synthetics means man made. Geo grids, geo textiles, geomembranes, geo cells are some of the ... hill sides. h) Reinforced soil- soil walls, bridge abutments, culverts, bridges, soil arches

Description : Enlist constituents of Plaster of Paris and state the two uses of Plaster of Paris

Answer : The constituents of POP are It consists of calcium sulphate. It is chemically CaSO4. 1/2 H2O. It is obtained by calcining gypsum at 120 deg. C. by removing ¾ of water of crystallization. ... Used by orthopedic surgeon for setting bones g) Used for wall plasters, wall boards, structural tiles.

Description : State four types of special mortars and give one use of each

Answer : a) Fire resistant mortars: Uses: a) Used with fire bricks for lining furnaces b) Used at fire places, ovens etc. b) Injection mortar: Uses: a) For protecting the reinforcement from ... room in hospitals and clinics f) Light weight mortar: Used in sound proof and heat proof constructions.

Description : State any two properties and any two uses of fly ash

Answer : Properties: a) It contains SiO2, Al2O3, Fe2O3, CaO and some toxic elements b) Flyash together with bottom ash is a non-hazardous material c) These particles are spherical in shape d) ... reclamation l) Used in cement production m) Production of roller compacted concrete n) Used in geopolymers

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Answer : Definition: It is a form of bitumen which is sticky, black and viscous liquid or semisolid in nature. Aggregates + bitumen = asphalt. OR It is an artificial mixture of bitumen and inert matter like alumina, ... cooled. 8. It is tough and durable material 9. It is soluble in C2S, Benzene, Naptha

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Answer : Properties: a) Less durable than paint b) Easy to apply c) Poor workability d) Available in variety of shades e) Costly f) Gives smooth and pleasing surface g) Uses: a) ... surfaces on plastered cement concrete of buildings  b) To paint the buildings from outside in areas of low rainfall

Description : State important properties and uses of geopolymer cement 

Answer : Properties: a) It gain ultimate strength within 24 hours and cures more rapidly than OPC. b) It has an ability to form strong chemical bond with all types of reagents and water. c)It ... of fresh water via the elimination of fly-ash disposal sites. h) Various applications in building industry

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Answer : Thermal insulating materials: 1) Asbestos 2) Aluminum Foil 3) Thermocol 4) Saw dust 5) Cork board slabs 6) Foam glass 7) Rock Wool 8) Glass Wool 9) ... . h) Presence of Moisture: with the increase in moisture content, the coefficient of thermal conductivity rises greatly

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