Describe the factors for selection of construction materials on the basis of strength. 

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Material must be selected for their ability to support the loads imposed by the building over the whole life of the building. An appropriate structural system and correct selection of structural materials can reduce excess material use and waste and increase the building adaptability for other uses. Material should be used as per their functional requirement. A highly durable material may provide the most sustainable solution, if it reduces maintenance or replacement requirement, but the material should also be appropriate for expected life of the building.
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Description : Explain the criteria for selection of construction materials for different civil engineering Structures on basis of their strength and durability

Answer : The material must be selected for their ability to support the loads imposed by the building over the whole life of the building. An appropriate structural system and correct selection of ... of the building. The construction material should have sufficient strength to carry the prescribed load.

Description : State the factors affecting selection of construction materials.

Answer : Following are the various factors being considered for selection of construction material. 1) Prescribed load: It is a design load which can be taken by the construction material. The ... the eco-system of environment and the required material should be eco-friendly or environmentally friendly.

Description : State the factors on which the selection of type of materials depend. 

Answer : Factors for selection of materials. 1. Carry prescribed loads: The most significant requirement of a material used in civil engineering project is that it should be able to carry the design loads ... such as floor coverings, paints, and doors and window are chosen based on aesthetic consideration.

Description : Describe the selection criteria for selecting stone for face work of building. 

Answer : 1. Appearance: Stone to be used for construction should be decent in appearance and have uniform colour 2. Durability: A Good building stone should be durable i.e. it should resist atmospheric action ... it should not catch fire easily. 8. Seasoning: Stones should be well seasoned before use.

Description : State the two uses of the following construction materials: i) Hollow blocks ii) Pavement blocks 

Answer : i) Hollow Blocks: a) Used for external load bearing walls, b) Panel walls, c) Columns, d) Retaining Walls e) Compound Walls, f) Used for sound insulation g) It Keeps the house cool in summer ... give pleasant look d) Petrol pumps e) gardens f) Airports g) Kids play area h) Jogging tracks

Description : State the uses (two each) of the following construction materials: i) Soda lime glass ii) Ferrous metal

Answer : i) Soda lime glass: a) Used in window and plate glass b) Glass blocks c) Bottles d) Inexpensive table wares e) Fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs ii) Ferrous metal: a) CI (Cast Iron) ... GI sheets f) Carbon steel is used for making tools g) Weld meshes are used for partition and fencing

Description : Explain why you need agro and industrial waste as a construction materials. 

Answer : 1. To maintain ecosystem. 2. To reduce / control pollution. 3. To reduce the cost of construction material. 4. To improve the required properties in construction materials like light weight product, ... 5. To solve the problem of industry waste disposal. 6. To conserve the natural resources. 

Description : Give properties and uses of ceramic materials in construction.

Answer : Properties: 1. It is hard. 2. It is bristle. 3. It is in the form of amorphous (non-crystalline) 4. The structure is glassy. 5. It is insulator thermally & electrically. 6. It is ... porcelain. 6. For making POP. 7. For making electric. 8. For Manufacturing of sanitary wares, pavers. 

Description : Enlist any two natural and artificial construction materials.

Answer : Natural construction materials- Stone, Timber, Lime , Soil Artificial Construction Materials – Bricks, Tiles, Cement, Aggregate, Artificial Sand, Plywood and Glass

Description : List any four artificial construction materials.

Answer : Artificial construction materials. 1. Cement. 2. Brick. 3. Concrete. 4. Mortar. 5. Tiles. 6. Glass

Description : Describe the broad classification of materials.

Answer : Materials can be classified into following types: 1) Natural materials 2) Recycled materials 3) Artificial materials 4) Special materials 5) Finishing materials 1) Natural construction ... and roofing. Varies types of tiles are available in market like Vitrified, Shahabad, Mosaic etc 

Description : Describe the scope of construction material in environmental engineering. 

Answer : The goal of environmental engineering is to ensure the community development and the sensible use of water, land and air resources to make them sustainable. This goal is achieved by managing ... , artificial sand , waterproofing and damp proofing material of required quality and quantity is used.

Description : State the materials required for irrigation structures in general. 

Answer : 1) Cement 2) Aggregate 3) Sand 4) Soil 5) Brick 6) Fly Ash 7) Tiles 8) Stones 9) Steel 10) Bitumen etc. 

Description : State the materials for different civil engineering structures. 

Answer : 1. Natural materials- Stone,Sand,Timber etc.. 2. Artificial materials- Brick, Tile, Cement etc. 3. Special materials- Fibre, Bitumen etc. 4. Finishing materials- POP, Wall Cladding etc.  5. Recycled materials- Fly Ash, Rice Husk etc.

Description : List the materials used for water proofing.

Answer : Following materials are used for water proofing Water proofing materials based on bitumen and tar binders are 1) Emulsions and pastes 2) Mastics . Hot and Cold Mastics  Bitumen , ... ) Coated impregnated roll materials ii) Non Coated impregnated cardboard rolled materials 4) Sealing materials

Description : Suggest the type of cement used for the following : (i) For modular construction where form work needs to be removed early for re-use. . (ii) Mass concreting such as construction of dam. (iii) Decorative works in external surfaces of building. (iv) Cementing the oil well.

Answer : i) For modular construction where form work needs to be removed early for reuse. – Rapid Hardening Cement ii) Mass concreting such as construction of dam. – Low heat cement. iii) Decorative works in external surfaces of building – Coloured cement. iv) Cementing the oil well. – Oil Well Cement. 

Description : Explain about geo synthetics materials. Mention application of it

Answer : Geosynthetics are man-made materials used to improve soil condition. Geo means earth or soil and synthetics means man made. Geo grids, geo textiles, geomembranes, geo cells are some of the ... hill sides. h) Reinforced soil- soil walls, bridge abutments, culverts, bridges, soil arches

Description : State various thermal insulating materials. State any two properties of insulating material

Answer : Thermal insulating materials: 1) Asbestos 2) Aluminum Foil 3) Thermocol 4) Saw dust 5) Cork board slabs 6) Foam glass 7) Rock Wool 8) Glass Wool 9) ... . h) Presence of Moisture: with the increase in moisture content, the coefficient of thermal conductivity rises greatly

Description : What do you mean by eco-friendly building materials? State any two properties of it.

Answer : Eco-friendly means earth-friendly or not harmful to the environment. This term most commonly refers to products that contribute to green living or practices that help conserve resources like water and ... It reduces air pollution, land pollution & water pollution. 7. It is locally available. 

Description : What are the properties of sound insulating materials?

Answer : Properties of sound insulating materials: 1. It should be light in weight 2. Easy to handle and fix 3. It should be resistant to attack termite and insect 4. It should have low density and porous texture 5. It should be fire resistance 6. It should be moisture resistance

Description : State the Properties of thermal insulating materials.

Answer : Properties of thermal insulating materials: 1) Thermal insulating should be bio resistant and dry. 2) Thermal resistant should be chemically resistant and fire proof. 3) Thermal resisting ... in the moisture content in the material, the coefficient of thermal conductivity rises greatly.

Description : Enlist the different sound insulating materials and also state their suitability. 

Answer : Different sound insulating materials: 1) Asbestos , 2) rock wool , 3)glass ,4)silk, 5)Han felt 6) Mineral wool boards, 7)cane fibers. 8) Acoustical plaster boards and tiles 9 ... tiles and acoustic plaster are suitable where absorption of sound required from tile to tile should be uniform.

Description : State situations where sound insulating and damp proofing materials are used. 

Answer : Situations where sound insulating materials are used: 1) Glass, mineral wool mats, are used as sound insulators as solid inner layers underneath floors, 2) Wood fibre and asbestos cement slabs are used ... in toilet floors of upper story, so that no dampness will occur in slab below that floor.

Description : State suitability of: (i) Water proofing materials and (ii) Sound insulating materials

Answer : i) Suitability of water proofing materials: 1. Concrete, Bricks, Stones, plaster have tendency to get deteriorate, hence leakage of water may occur in slab, beam, columns. Bitumen and tars ... noise. 6) Acoustic tiles and acoustic plaster are suitable where absorption of sound is required.

Description : Explain about Agro waste material. State its importance in construction.

Answer : Waste materials produced from agricultural byproducts such as coconut shells, sugarcane bagasse, straw, rice husk, coconut fibers, coconut and areca nut tree trunks, coconut leaves etc. are known ... floor tiles, brushes, mattresses j) Mixed with cement mortar which increases the impact strength

Description : State the applications of soils as a construction material. 

Answer : Soil is naturally obtained from disintegration of rocks when they are exposed to atmosphere by weathering agents like sun, wind, rain, frost etc. Applications of Soil : Soil is used as construction and ... is used in manufacturing of bricks and tiles. Sand from soil is used in filter bed.  

Description : Describe the field tests for cement. 

Answer : Open the bag and take a good look at the cement. There should not be any visible lumps. The colour of the cement should normally be greenish grey. Thrust your hand into the cement bag. It must ... . After 24 hr the cake should retain its original shape and the same time set to attainsome strength. 

Description : Describe the wet process of manufacturing of cement 

Answer : Various stages in wet process of manufacturing of cement: The manufacturing of cement by wet process can be divided into three stages. Stage-I Mixing of raw materials: In this stage, 10% of chalk and ... ground cement is stored in silos. It is then weighed and packed in bags of50kg by weight.  

Description : Describe in brief termite proofing.

Answer : Termite proofing:  In building construction, wooden materials are used for doors, window frames, furniture, electric boxes etc. These have tendency to be attacked by termites or white ants and ... the holes are made around the building and then termite proof chemicals are put into those holes.

Description : Describe four steps in operation of stone blasting.

Answer : The stone blasting process is carried out by adopting following operations.  1) Drilling holes in the stones: Holes are drilled upto the required depth of the line of least ... blasting, disintegrated blocks of stones are collected and transported to the required site under construction. 

Description : Write the field tests performed on bricks for its suitability.

Answer : a) Shape and Size: In this, a brick is closely inspected. It should be of standard size and shape and should be truly rectangular with sharp edges. b) Soundness: In this, when two bricks are ... from a height of about 1m, it should not crush into pieces. This indicate good strength of brick.

Description : Explain the selection of lubricating oil on the basis of viscosity and service rating.

Answer : Selection of Lubricating Oil: 1. On the basis of Viscosity : Lubricating Oils Classify in terms of Viscosity at -180C or in cold climates. a) SAE 5W b) SAE 10W c) SAE ... stability & anti- scuff Protection c) SC, SD & SC: Meets automotive manufactures specifications. 

Description : If you select a monitor in your class, which criteria will be followed by you in this selection? Options: A) On the basis of democratic(Through election) B) On the basis of physical make-up C) On the basis of superiority in the class D) On the basis of personal preference

Answer : A) On the basis of democratic(Through election) 

Description : Compare Brazing and Soldering on the basis of : (i) Temperature Used. (ii) Filler Material. (iii) Joint Strength (iv) Applications.

Answer : Comparison of Brazing and Soldering:

Description : 1. What is the largest lymphatic organ of the body? 2. Indian Constitution recognises minorities on which basis? 3. What does Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles produce as exhaust ? 4. Which is a ... the oldest and still producing oil? 20. Which Mughal Emperor introduced the policy of Sulah-i-kul?

Answer : Answer : 1. Spleen 2. Religion 3. H2 O 4. Hungary 5. Akbar 6. New Delhi 7. The demand exceeds the supply 8. Below the brain 9. Lakshadweep and Minicby 10. J. B. Kriplani 11. As a Union ... 14. Reef formation 15. Chowdhary Rahmat Ali 16. Onam 17. Cerebrum 18. Centre and States 19. Digboi 20. Akbar

Description : Which of the following plays a broad role for guiding the selection of teaching method? Options: A) The focus of learning B) the strength of the entire class C) content of teaching D) all of the above

Answer : D) all of the above

Description : Write short note on solid concrete blocks

Answer : Solid Concrete Blocks: The specification and the characteristics of a solid concrete blocks depend on the machine used to manufacture concrete blocks. The most common size of solid concrete block ... size and shape. It is environmental friendly and hence utilizes wastes and local resources. 

Description : Explain various types of tiles based on their use 

Answer : 1. Natural tile: These types of tiles are produced from natural materials that are quarried, finished and cut to size. Common types of stones used as flooring tiles include granite, marble, ... acquire the desire print or colour after manufacturing. They are famous inthe name of galicha tiles. 

Description : Enlist the factors affecting on selection of survey station or survey line in chain survey.

Answer : Following are the factors affecting on selection of survey station for chain surveying. 1) As far as possible the survey work should be based upon the basic principle of surveying i.e. working from whole ... level ground. 9) The survey lines should run as far as possible nearer to object.

Description : Explain any six factors on which selection of material handling device depends.

Answer : Factors Affecting the selection of Materials Handling Devices/Equipment: [1] Adaptability: The load carrying and movement characteristics of the equipment should fit the materials handling problem. [2] ... The consideration of the cost of the MH Equipment is an obvious factor in its selection

Description : The electric breakdown strength of insulating materials depends on  (A) Nature of applied voltage (B) lmperfection of dielectric material (C) Pressure, temperature and humidity (D) All or these

Answer : The electric breakdown strength of insulating materials depends on  (A) Nature of applied voltage (B) lmperfection of dielectric material (C) Pressure, temperature and humidity (D) All or these

Description : The electric break-down strength of materials is dependent on (1) Composition (2) Thickness (3) Moisture content (4) All the above (a) 1 is correct (b) 1 and 2 are correct (c) 2 and 3 are correct (d) only 4 is correct

Description : The dielectric strength of ferromagnetic materials depends to a large extent on (a) Intensity of electric field (b) Presence of magnetic materials in vicinity (c) Area of hysterisis loop for materials (d) Frequency of applied voltage

Description : List non contact type transducer and compare them on the basis of any two factors.

Answer : Magnetic pick-up Photoelectric This tachometer generator consists of a metallic tooth rotor mounted on the shaft whose speed is to be measured. This method of measuring speed of rotation ... by an electronic counter which can be directly calibrated in terms of speed in rpm.

Description : Suggest the type of glass used for the following work: i) Making panel of partition wall ii) Cashier Cabin iii) Skylight iv) Door Shutter

Answer : i) Making panel of partition wall: Block glass OR Sheet Glass OR chipped and ground glass OR soda lime glass ii) Cashier Cabin-Polished plate glass OR bullet proof glass OR soda lime glass OR laminated ... clear window glass or lead glass iv) Door Shutter: Soda lime glass OR tempered glass

Description : List the four tools required for dressing of stone.

Answer : Tools required for dressing of stone. 1. Spall hammer 2. Dummy 3. Gad 4. Scrabbling hammer 5. Mallet 6. Drag 7. Pitching tool 8. Boaster 9. Point 10. Punch

Description : In an economy, the sectors are classified into public and private on the basis of (1) employment conditions (2) nature of economic activities (3) ownership of enterprises (4) use of raw materials

Answer :  ownership of enterprises 

Description : Which of the following is the classification of Industries on the basis of raw-materials ? (1) Small Scale – Large scale (2) Primary and Secondary (3) Basic and Consumer (4) Agro-based and Mineral based

Answer : Agro-based and Mineral based

Description : Give classification of insulating materials on the basis of state of material and give one application of each.

Answer : Classification of Insulating material State of material   Application Solid insulating materials Wood, rubber, plastic, PVC, glass, porcelain, mica, Polypropylene film etc.   ... Switchgears, gas pressures cables, circuit breakers, generator cooling systems and X-ray apparatus

Description : Enlist any four factors which affect selection of material handling system. Explain which type of material handling system is suitable for: (i) Unloading two wheelers from truck ii) Stacking of pallets in store racks.

Answer : Four Factors affecting Selection of Material Handling System: [1] Adaptability and Flexibility [2] Type of Material to be handled [3] Type of Layout [4] Type of Production [5] ... [11] Cost of installation and handling Suitable Material Handling Devices for Following Activities:

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