Describe organizational structure, role and justification of motor vehicle insurance organizational in India. 

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Organizational structure:-

Section 4 of the IRDAI act 1999 specifies the authority composition.

It is a ten member body consisting of :

a) Chairmen (Subhash.C.Khuntia from 1st SEP )

b) Five whole time member.(P.J.Josep, Nilesh sathe, Pournima gupta, Pravin kutumbe, Sanjay banarji)

c) Four part-time members.

These to be appointed by the central government from amongst persons of ability , integrity and standing who have knowledge or experience in life, general insurance, finance, economics, law, administration.

Role and justification:

1. To regulate the rates, terms and Conditions of insurance, offered to their customer in general insurance business.

2. To regulate how insurance company invest their funds and maintain their margin of solvency.

3. To conduct investigation and Audits of insurance company and any other organization connected with insurance company.

4. Investigation manages quality and deals with losses arising from any contingency.

5. Estimate measures and determine the quantum and description of the subject under loss.

6. To conduct inspection and re-inspection of the property and question suffering loss & Conduct spot and final surveys as and when necessary and final surveys and when necessary and comment upon franchise excess / under insurance and any other related matter.

7. To advise insurer and insured about loss minimization, control loss for security and safety devise.
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Description : Describe role of Insurance Regulatory Authority Of India (IRDAI) in motor vehicle insurance.

Answer : 1. To regulate the rates, terms and Conditions of insurance, offered to their customer in general insurance business. 2. To regulate how insurance company invest their funds and maintain their margin ... . 6. Also making code of conduct for surveyors and loss assessor working with insurance company.

Description : Explain the effect of following physical hazard parameters on renewal of comprehensive insurance policyi. Age of driver ii. Power and capacity of vehicle iii. Load used iv. Forfeiture of custom duty

Answer : i. Age of driver: If age of driver is more (say more than 65 years then there is more chances of accident than young driver which increases physical hazard.  ii. Power and capacity ... the vehicle it creates physical hazard & chances of accident increases then premium amount also will get increase.

Description : Compare third party insurance and comprehensive on following parameters: i. Risk cover ii. Premium iii. Application of vehicle iv. Condition

Answer : i. Risk cover  In third party insurance only covers damage from a accident only to the other people and their property if you are fault.  In case of comprehensive insurance the damage ... injuries and damage to property does not cover.  In comprehensive insurance personal injuries are covered.

Description : State function of Insurance Regulating Authority in India (IRDAI)

Answer : Function of Insurance Regulating Authority in India (IRDAI) 1. To regulate the rates, terms and Conditions of insurance, offered to their customer in general insurance business. 2. To ... any other organization connected with insurance company. 5. Make guidelines & arrange trainings to agents.

Description : Discuss importance of insurance history in proposal form.

Answer : Once you decide to buy an insurance plan, the first step is to fill out the proposal form. A proposal form is a legal document that seeks relevant information from you so that the insurance company ... , any no claim bonus in previous policy. 4. It gives information about driving habit of insured.

Description : State any two clauses in insurance proposal form.

Answer : Types of clauses in proposal form: 1. Signature clause: It is also known as attestation clause & it is appeared just below the schedule. The person authorized puts his signature. 2. Schedule clause: ... : It tells that how much the insurer must pay if there is insurance in more than one company.

Description : State need of insurance history in proposal form.

Answer : Need of insurance history in proposal form: 1. Gives information about previous insurance policy 2. It gives information about the claims in the previous insurance policy. 3. Gives information about ... policy. 4. Also it gives information about risk exposure of person, property, or vehicle.

Description : State procedure to calculate premium for the third party insurance cover.

Answer : Third party insurance is a type of insurance policy that is designed for offering insurance coverage to the third party in case of an accident caused by the insured vehicle. This policy covers the liability ... 2. Type and age of the vehicle 3. Cubic Capacity of the engine 4. Geographical zone

Description : List the types of insurance cover.

Answer : Types of insurance cover are as follow : 1. Comprehensive insurance 2. Own damage insurance 3. Third party 4. Fire insurance 5. Marine insurance 6. Life insurance

Description : Explain Concept of Moral Hazard in relevance to age and litigiousness.

Answer : Moral hazard is a term describing how behavior changes when people are insured against losses. If, for example, your car is fully insured against any and all damage and there is no deductible, ... So it is harmful for insurance business. Because of moral hazard, premiums are higher for everyone.

Description : Explain terms ‘compulsory excess’ and ‘voluntary excess’.

Answer : Compulsory excess: The compulsory deductible or excess is also called as mandatory excess. It is part of claim amount which you will have to bear out of your pocket. The amount is decided by ... amount of the voluntary excess changes from company to company. The voluntary excess is set by you. 

Description : Compare compulsory excess and voluntary excess.

Answer : Compulsory excess  Voluntary excess Compulsory excess is the amount payable by insurer in his pocket during claim. Voluntary excess is the extra amount is payable by insurer in his pocket to ... customer to customer. This amount is mandatory. This amount is not mandatory.

Description : Compare investigation and assessment with suitable examples.

Answer : The claim investigation process is the procedure in which insurance company surveyor or loss assessor obtains information to examine the claim. As result it requires various documents to go through, visit to ... is any injury to anyone then surveyor need to investigate the case by above method. 

Description : Define Risk Cover and Premium.

Answer : Risk Cover: The term risk cover can be defined as the compensation of damage during the accident by insurance company.  Premium: The payable amount as per the insurance contract paid by insured is called as premium.

Description : Prepare accident investigation report for a car.

Answer : Whenever an accident occurs all particulars have to be collected and ascertained below: A) General Details: 1) Date ,time and location 2) Registration No. of vehicle involved in an accident ... . E) Negotiate with the insured regarding disposal of salvage F) Prepare detail survey and submit

Description : Explain legal aspects of surveying from surveyor’s perspective.

Answer : Surveyor is the professional who assess the loss or damage & serve the link between insured & insurer. They only function in non-life business. Their main job is to assess the actual loss ... bills and Doctors certificate. The above is the legal Aspects of surveying from surveyor's perspective.

Description : List types of claim documents.

Answer : Types of claim documents: 1. Policy. 2. Driving License 3. Registration Certificate of Vehicle 4. FIR copy if needed 5. Pan or Adhar card 6. Claim form

Description : List factors affecting moral hazard.

Answer : 1. Intention 2. Carelessness 3. Fraud claim 4. Multiple Insurance 5. Maintenance 6. Behavior 7. Negligence

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Description : What is mean by third party Insurance and Comprehensive Insurance of vehicle.

Answer : Motor vehicle Insurance is an agreement between the insurer and the insured wherein the insurer provides financial cover for the vehicle and the insured in return pays specific premium annually. It provides ... this policy for life time. For other vehicles this policy has to be renewed annually. 

Description : Describe effects of frontal area exposed in motor cycle on performance of vehicle. 

Answer : The amount of drag an object is subjected to comes from two things; the frontal area of the Motorbike and what's called its drag co-efficient. The frontal area of motor cycle involves ... mud guard which reduce the frontal area will improve the performance reducing air resistance called air drag. 

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Answer : Properties of brake fluid  1) Boiling point: Boiling point of fluid must be high because due to continue operation of brakes, generates the heat inside the drum, which increases the temperature of ... have sufficient stability at least 3 years. During this period the fluid should not be spoiled. 

Description : An organizational design with low departmentalization, wide spans of control, authority centralized in a single person and little formalization are characteristics of ________. (a) Simple structure ; (b) Functional structure ; (c) Divisional structure ; (d) None of given option

Answer : (a) Simple structure ; 

Description : What kind of organizational structure combines a vertical chain of command with horizontal reporting requirements? (a) Line authority ; (b) Matrix ; (c) Functional ; (d) Line-and-staff

Answer : (b) Matrix ;

Description : A ______ organizational structure is the simplest form and has clear lines of authority and ease of decision making. (a) Horizontal ; (b) Line ; (c) Vertical ; (d) Staff

Answer : (b) Line ; 

Description : Organizational structure is made up of key elements. Which of the following is not one of these elements? (a) Span of control ; (b) Centralization ; (c) Decentralization ; (d) Co-ordination

Answer : ; (d) Co-ordination

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Answer : Indicator lamps are used for indicating others the intention of driver for turning the vehicle in particular direction before the actual turning is started. Without the indicator lamps it would not be ... distance and making the other drivers alert for the same. It thereby avoid the accident.  

Description : Which of the following statements about leadership is false? (a) Leadership does not necessarily take place within a hierarchical structure of an organisation. (b) Not every leader is a manager. (c) ... operate as leaders their role is always clearly established and define(d) (d) All the above.

Answer : (c) When people operate as leaders their role is always clearly established and define(d) 

Description : Mention the role of histone proteins in packaging of DNA to form the structure of chromatin fibre. 

Description : Write general provision regarding construction and maintenance of motor vehicle

Answer : The Central government may make rules regulating the construction, equipment and maintenance of motor vehicles and trailers to all or any of the following matters namely, i) The width, height, ... by vehicles, The embossment of chassis number and engine number and the date of manufacturing. 

Description : Describe the procedure of survey and valuation of vehicle. 

Answer : Steps involved in preparation of accident survey report: Whenever an accident occurs all particulars have to be collected for purpose of preparing a report known as accident survey report. While applying ... condition, vibrations, noise etc. 5) Consider the Tyre condition and decide tyre cost.  

Description : What factors are to be considered while buying new motor vehicle.

Answer : Factors to be considered for buying new car are as follows a) Checkout the features and quality of new vehicle - i) Checkout the features offered and additional optional fittings, which suits your ... price of the car may be far less than the Advertised price so bargain as much as possible.

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Answer : Khardung La

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Answer : Painting procedure for used vehicle: Remove dent using denting tools and dent removing procedure. Preparing the Surface: Begin by sanding the car's surface with a dual action sander and 120 grit sandpaper ... the car. Use circular and back and forth motions until the entire car has been polished.

Description : Describe role of crash bar and saree guard in two wheeler safety.

Answer : The role of i) Crash bar: Crash bars aim to protect motorcycle engines and body panels as well as it is used to protect the rider. It is also used as a mount point for accessories like highway ... guards will not only protect the rider, but also the cargo from being pulled into the rear wheel. 

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Answer : aspects of generation of black money, its transfer abroad and bringing back such money into India’s legitimate financial system

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Answer : Cerebellum

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Answer : Ans: Mr. Lal was a Doer' when he started the organization. He used to do everything including coding, system architecture, accounting, administration, back office work or business development. As ... the nuances of the business. His Doer phase help him in understanding higher management thoughts. 

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Answer : in a three-phase induction motor, the rotor field runs at the following speed with respect to the stator structure: At synchronous speed in the direction of stator field

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Answer : Crystal structure of glass by Bragg's law: The general relationship between the wavelength of the incident x ray, angle of incidence and spacing between the crystal planes of atoms is known as Braggg's law, expressed mathematically ... to occur: 2d sin θ = nλ This is known as Bragg's law.  

Description : Describe the procedure for layout of load bearing structure by center – line method.

Answer : 1. From the plan (fig 1), the center line of the walls are calculated. Then the center lines of the rooms are set out by setting perpendiculars in the ratio 3:4:5. Suppose the corner points ... lime or by with furrow with spade. 6. A theodolite should be used for accurate center line marking. 

Description : Describe the structure of ovule with the help of neat labeled diagram

Answer : Ans: Ovules are seen in flowering plants. In Gymnosperms they are exposed and in angiosperms they are enclosed.   Typical ovule has a stalk known as Funiculus and ovule body. ... as in Monocots and Polypetalae and ategmic without integuments as in parasites such as Balanophora, Loranthus.  

Description : Describe the structure of anther with the help of a neat diagram 

Answer : Ans: Structure of anther is clearly understood in the transverse section of anther. In the T.S. of a dithecous anther the two thecae are joined by connective consisting of sterile ... later separate from each other and liberated individually. Individual microspores are called as pollen grains. 

Description : Describe structure of C++ program.

Answer : General C++ program has following structure. INCLUDE HEADER FILES DECLARE CLASS DEFINE MEMBER FUNCTIONS DEFINE MAIN FUNCTION Description:-  1. Include header files In this section ... Functions This section the programmer creates object and call various functions writer within various class.

Description : Describe IS – 95 forward link channel structure.

Answer : The IS-95 forward Channel structure consists of four types of logical Channels - pilot Channel, synchronization Channel, paging Channel, and forward traffic Channels. Each forward carrier Channel contains one ... . This code is known as the channel identifier. This code is different for each user

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Answer : (a) Take a strategic view of how parts of the organization function

Description : The following four different approaches to management thinking were developed in the first half of the 20th century: (a) Scientific management, general administrative, quantitative, and ... . (d) Systems approach, scientific management, general administrative, and organizational behaviour.

Answer : (b) Scientific management, general administrative, quantitative, and organizational behavior. 

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Answer : C) Personality and its ability to relate to the class and to the pupils 

Description : Supriya invests 35% of her monthly salary in insurance policies. She spends 45% of her monthly salary in shopping and on household expenses. She saves the remaining amount of `25,750. What is Supriya's monthly income? a) 128750 b) 160050 c) 205200 d) 263400 e) 391800 

Answer : Answer: A  Percentage savings of Supriya = 100 – (35 + 45)  = 20%  Let her monthly income be x  x X 20 /100 = 25750  x = 25750 × 100/20  x = 128750

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