Compare third party insurance and comprehensive on following parameters: i. Risk cover ii. Premium iii. Application of vehicle iv. Condition

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i. Risk cover

 In third party insurance only covers damage from a accident only to the other people and their property if you are fault.

 In case of comprehensive insurance the damage of your property due to accident is covered.

ii. Premium

 The premium rate of third party insurance is very cheap than the comprehensive insurance.

 The premium rate of comprehensive insurance is costly because in this policy own damage as well as third party damage also cover.

iii. Application of vehicle

 The third party insurance is suitable for goods carrying vehicle, two wheeler and high weight motor vehicles.

 The comprehensive insurance is suitable for four wheeler vehicles passenger carrying vehicles.

iv. Condition

 In third party personal injuries and damage to property does not cover.

 In comprehensive insurance personal injuries are covered.
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Description : Explain the effect of following physical hazard parameters on renewal of comprehensive insurance policyi. Age of driver ii. Power and capacity of vehicle iii. Load used iv. Forfeiture of custom duty

Answer : i. Age of driver: If age of driver is more (say more than 65 years then there is more chances of accident than young driver which increases physical hazard.  ii. Power and capacity ... the vehicle it creates physical hazard & chances of accident increases then premium amount also will get increase.

Description : State procedure to calculate premium for the third party insurance cover.

Answer : Third party insurance is a type of insurance policy that is designed for offering insurance coverage to the third party in case of an accident caused by the insured vehicle. This policy covers the liability ... 2. Type and age of the vehicle 3. Cubic Capacity of the engine 4. Geographical zone

Description : Define Risk Cover and Premium.

Answer : Risk Cover: The term risk cover can be defined as the compensation of damage during the accident by insurance company.  Premium: The payable amount as per the insurance contract paid by insured is called as premium.

Description : What is mean by third party Insurance and Comprehensive Insurance of vehicle.

Answer : Motor vehicle Insurance is an agreement between the insurer and the insured wherein the insurer provides financial cover for the vehicle and the insured in return pays specific premium annually. It provides ... this policy for life time. For other vehicles this policy has to be renewed annually. 

Description : Describe organizational structure, role and justification of motor vehicle insurance organizational in India. 

Answer : Organizational structure:- Section 4 of the IRDAI act 1999 specifies the authority composition. It is a ten member body consisting of : a) Chairmen (Subhash.C.Khuntia from 1st SEP ) b) ... . 7. To advise insurer and insured about loss minimization, control loss for security and safety devise.

Description : Describe role of Insurance Regulatory Authority Of India (IRDAI) in motor vehicle insurance.

Answer : 1. To regulate the rates, terms and Conditions of insurance, offered to their customer in general insurance business. 2. To regulate how insurance company invest their funds and maintain their margin ... . 6. Also making code of conduct for surveyors and loss assessor working with insurance company.

Description : List the types of insurance cover.

Answer : Types of insurance cover are as follow : 1. Comprehensive insurance 2. Own damage insurance 3. Third party 4. Fire insurance 5. Marine insurance 6. Life insurance

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Answer : i. Flexible materials like butyl rubber, hot bitumen (asphalt), plastic sheets, bituminous felts, sheets of lead. ii. Liquid applied cementitious membranes iii. Liquid applied cementitious membranes ... v. Liquid applied cementitious membranes. vi. Brick bat coba, liquid applied bituminous membrane.

Description : Discuss importance of insurance history in proposal form.

Answer : Once you decide to buy an insurance plan, the first step is to fill out the proposal form. A proposal form is a legal document that seeks relevant information from you so that the insurance company ... , any no claim bonus in previous policy. 4. It gives information about driving habit of insured.

Description : State function of Insurance Regulating Authority in India (IRDAI)

Answer : Function of Insurance Regulating Authority in India (IRDAI) 1. To regulate the rates, terms and Conditions of insurance, offered to their customer in general insurance business. 2. To ... any other organization connected with insurance company. 5. Make guidelines & arrange trainings to agents.

Description : State any two clauses in insurance proposal form.

Answer : Types of clauses in proposal form: 1. Signature clause: It is also known as attestation clause & it is appeared just below the schedule. The person authorized puts his signature. 2. Schedule clause: ... : It tells that how much the insurer must pay if there is insurance in more than one company.

Description : State need of insurance history in proposal form.

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Answer : Applications of MH Equipments:

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Answer : i) LVDT ➢ LVDT used to measure force ➢ LVDT used to measure strain ➢ LVDT used to measure weight ➢ LVDT used to measure tension ➢ LVDT used to measure pressure ➢ The ... flow meters, non-destructive test (NDT) equipment's ➢ Piezoelectric materials are used in ultrasonic transducers.

Description : State the application of following materials : i) CRGO Silicon Steel ii) HRGO Silicon Steel iii) Amorphous metal iv) Bronze 

Answer : Applications of CRGO Silicon Steel: 1) Manufacturing distribution and power transformer cores. 2) Manufacturing cores of audio transformers, ballast transformers, specialty transformers. 3) Manufacturing cores ... used. 5) Cadmium bronze is used for making commutator segments and contact wires. 

Description : Compare compulsory excess and voluntary excess.

Answer : Compulsory excess  Voluntary excess Compulsory excess is the amount payable by insurer in his pocket during claim. Voluntary excess is the extra amount is payable by insurer in his pocket to ... customer to customer. This amount is mandatory. This amount is not mandatory.

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Answer : The claim investigation process is the procedure in which insurance company surveyor or loss assessor obtains information to examine the claim. As result it requires various documents to go through, visit to ... is any injury to anyone then surveyor need to investigate the case by above method. 

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Answer : b. i, ii, iii 

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Answer : i) Application of Mineral oil:  1. Used in transformer. 2. Used in switchgear 3. Used for circuit breaker 4. Used for capacitor 5. Used in paper insulated cables 6. It is used in Rector ii) ... Vegetable oil:  1. Used as a lubricant. 2. For illumination effect 3. Used for eating purpose. 

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Answer : i) Earth Tester :- It is used to measure earth resistance.  ii) Megger :- Megger is used to find out (measure) insulation resistance of electrical machine/equipment.  iii) ... is an electrical device used to find out shorted turn faults in armature winding and stator winding of motor.

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Answer : (i) Gear Tooth : Form milling cutter, Cylindrical type or End mill type, Gear cutter. (ii) Parting off: Slitting Cutter (iii) Keyway : Staggered teeth side milling cutter, End mill cutter, key ... milling cutter. Selection of a cutter depends upon type and size of slot or groove to be produced. 

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Answer : (i) Cylinder size - Engine of similar design generally run at the same speed. This is achieved by smaller engine having larger RPM and larger engines having smaller RPM. Due to the same ... all reduces the ignition lag. Pre-increase in the intake temperature and pressure increases the flame speed.

Description : Which of the following statement/s are ALWAYS FALSE ? (i) The sun will not rise in the East some day. (ii) A wooden table is not a table. (iii) Delhi city will be drowned under water. (iv) Cars run on water as fuel. ... i), (iii) and (iv) (B) Only (iii) (C) (i), (ii) and (iii) (D) (ii) alone

Answer : (D) (ii) alone

Description : Which of the following options are the main tasks of research in modern society? (I) to keep pace with the advancement in knowledge. (II) to discover new things. (III) to write a critique on the earlier writings. (IV) to ... IV, II and I (B) I, II and III (C) I and III (D) II, III and IV

Answer : Answer: A  Option 1 is most suitable because in modern society, the research has 3 basic roles. 1) The students whether in pure sciences/social sciences have been trained in ... also to satisfy timeless inquisitiveness of human mind. Therefore, it is also having discovery oriented apporach

Description : Which of the following statement(s) is/are correct with reference to curve generation? I. Hermite curves are generated using the concepts of interpolation. II. Bezier curves are generated using the concepts of approximation. III. The ... (B) II and III only (C) I and II only (D) I, II and III only

Answer : (D) I, II and III only

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