How to choose quality products in supermarkets? A few tips for the buyer
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As a rule, in supermarkets and large stores for all types of goods without exception, certificates and other documents must be issued to guarantee their quality. Absolutely all food products on sale must be tested and be completely safe for buyers.

sausagesOf course, in stores, especially large ones, they do not cheat as often as sellers in the markets. However, here you can easily suffer from your own inattention. For example, many supermarkets are trying to sell expiring items faster. To do this, unscrupulous staff simply re-packs expired products and returns them to the showcase. Each store has its own write-off rate. And if at the end of the day there are more units left on the counter than it is intended to be written off, the seller will be to blame, who is obliged to sell such a product by any means. In this situation, the deception of buyers begins.

Consider the case of expired vacuum-packed sausages. The obsolete date of manufacture is removed with acetone, then the swollen package is carefully pierced with a needle from a syringe to deflate. After that, the sausages with a new packaging date are returned to the counter. You can determine the quality of sausages by touch - wet packaging with traces of juice indicates that this product is of poor quality.

They do differently with expired sausage - they make slicing from it. After that, a new date is put on the package, and the sausage is returned to the counter. We are often mistaken when we think that the sausage production date is indicated on the packaging. In fact, this is the date when the sausage was cut and packaged in the store, and the real date of manufacture of the product is no longer possible to find out. Therefore, when buying a sausage, choose a whole loaf, and only then ask the seller to cut it for you. In accordance with the law on consumer protection, they are obliged to do this absolutely free of charge. In addition, in any store you have the right to demand a quality certificate for any product. On the first page of such a certificate, the actual production date of the goods is always indicated.

Another clever way of deceiving customers is weighing, and this is done very skillfully. For example, ordinary water is pumped into a package with frozen seafood through a syringe. As a result of such an operation, you risk buying ice at the price of shrimp.

shrimpIn order to make sure that you are not being deceived, it is enough to look at the light of the package with frozen foods. If dirty smudges and ice are visible inside - be careful, you risk buying water!

Learning to buy quality products in the market, in a store or supermarket is quite simple, you just need to be careful. Do not forget to read the composition and date of manufacture of the product on the labels. Ask the seller for warranty documents and quality certificates for the products you are interested in.

Consider also the cost of products - after all, minced meat of excellent quality cannot be cheaper than good meat, since the price of minced meat consists of the price of meat and the cost of cooking it. Be sure to look into the light of packages with frozen foods, and if you notice dirty smudges inside, immediately put such goods aside! By observing these simple rules, you will be able to protect yourself and your loved ones from low-quality goods.
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