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Stress Interview (or Pressure Interview) is a popular method used by interviewers to evaluate the candidates’ ability to handle a situation under hard pressure. In a stress interview, a group of interviewers shall ask a candidate a number of questions continuously and put them under high pressure while answering such questions.

The goal of Stress Interview is to evaluate the candidates’ ability to handle stress. Therefore, this method is commonly used for jobs that require a highly stressful working environment such as having to deal with many projects at the same time or there are conflicts at work.

1. Stress Interview Process

Stress Interview is normally performed as follows:

• The candidates are made to wait for a long time before the interview.

• The interviewers don’t show certain manners to the candidates such as inviting them to sit or drink a glass of water.

• The interviewers keep a long silence before asking the candidates.

• The interviewers ask multiple of questions before the candidates can answer completely one.

• The interviewers may pretend not paying attention to the candidates and therefore, make them very stressful.

• The interviewers may criticize the candidates no matter they approve or disapprove.

• Behavior improperly during the interviews which may cause hard feelings for the candidates.

2. Methods of Dealing with Stress Interview

• Don’t take personally for what you see. Think of this like a game of mind.

• Keep calm and don’t get frustrated. This is an interview. There must be something going on.

• Answer clearly and don’t change your answer.

• Maintain a smile on your face. Don’t look so serious.

• Don’t overreact for what you hear.

• Keep your head cool is the best way to deal with this high pressure.
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