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Because Transformer do not have any moving part hence transformer is called static device.
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Description : Why transistor is called as bipolar device.

Answer : BJT is called bipolar device because in BJT current conduction takes place due to majority as well as minority charge carriers that is because of electrons as well as holes.

Answer : Thyristor can only be turned on by small gate pulse but it cannot be turn off by using gate hence thyristor is called semi controlled device.

Answer : Thyristor can be turn on by positive gate pulse and the current will continue to flow through the device even when the gate voltage is low hence thyristor is called latching device.

Description : A device used for converting a.c. into d.c. is called (1) transformer (2) recticfier (3) induction coil (4) dynamo

Answer : recticfier

Answer : In  BJT  there  is  movement  of   electrons  and  holes   accros  the  junctions  which  is  basicaly  current  flow.

Description : why induction motor is called rotating transformer?

Answer : Induction motor works on same principal as transformers work ie faradays law of electromagnetic induction. ie IM called as rotating transformer 

Answer : The problem of Electro-static coupling in a transformer is acute at High frequencies.

Description : State characteristic of static data member. Explain why static data member must be defined outside the class. 

Answer : Characteristics of static data members: 1. It is initialized to zero when the first object of its class is created. No other initialization is permitted. 2. Only one copy of that member is created ... member(s) it is necessary to make static members global and re-declared outside of the class.

Description : A system that uses air to power a device/system is called  A) Pneumatic B) Hydraulic C) Automatic D) Super charge 

Description : Which of the following differentiates between overloaded functions and overridden functions ? (A) Overloading is a dynamic or runtime binding and overridden is a static or compile time binding. ... function overloading, while redefining a function in a friend class is called function overriding.

Answer : (B) Overloading is a static or compile time binding and overriding is dynamic or runtime binding.

Description : The device in communication satellites which receives signals from an earth station and transmits them to different directions is (1) Transformer (2) Transistor (3) Transponder (4) Transducer

Answer : Transponder

Description : Transformer is a device to convert (1) D.C. to A.C. (2) Low voltage D.C. into high voltage D.C. (3) Low voltage A.C. into high voltage A.C. (4) Mechanical energy into Electrical energy 

Answer : Low voltage A.C. into high voltage A.C.

Description : Which one among the following components is used as an amplifying device? (1) Transformer (2) Diode (3) Capacitor (4) Transistor

Answer : Transistor

Description : What is the name of the device used to convert alternating current into direct current ? (1) Ammeter (2) Galvanometer (3) Rectifier (4) Transformer

Answer : Rectifier

Description : Why BJT is a current control device?

Answer : BJT have three terminal emitter, base and collector. The collector current is the output current. The collector current (Ic) is controlled by base current hence BJT is called current controlled device.

Answer : already answered here is mosfet current controlled device?

Answer : Power = voltage X Current As per the windings in the primary side and secondary side the voltage and current will change accordingly.

Description : Why circuit breaker connect b)w two transformer  (same rating

Answer : Because two transformers connection is in parallel to share the load if any transformer is receives the surge current because of the fault so to protect the other transformer from the fault. 

Answer : According to our application, we need low voltage and high voltage transformer.  High voltage tsansformer also called step up transformer. Low voltage transformer also called step down transformer ... tranformer used in consumer side or substation or special application like battery,etc...

Answer : Transformer core is laminated to reduce eddy current. Eddy current cause energy to lose from transformer 

Description : Why does the core of a transformer need to be laminated?

Answer : Transformer cores are laminated to reduce eddy current loss.

Description : Why does a transformer only work with an AC supply?

Answer : The transformer work depends on the induction as main principle ,for that AC is the right means

Description : why transformer don't work on DC supply?

Answer : A  DC  current  does  not  produce  a  changing  magnetic   field   which  is   capable  of  inducing   current   on   the   secondary    windings   of   a   transformer   through  mutual   induction   process.

Description : Transformer generally rated in KVA

Answer : The power of transformer is apparent power because it has no power factor and it is the product of voltage and current.

Answer : The efficiency of transformer is Greater than electrical Machine because there is no rotational losses in transformer and there is no air gap losses in transformer so losses is less in transformer compare to electrical machine so efficiency is higher in case of transformer.

Answer : Transformer core is laminated to reduce Eddy current losses.

Description : A semiconductor device made up of a single p-n Junction is called a: w) transistor x) diode y) Fet z) integrated circuit

Answer : ANSWER: X -- DIODE

Description : A device used to measure the amount of moisture in the atmosphere is called a: w) hydrometer (pron: high-dro-me-ter) x) hygrometer (pron: high-gro-me-ter) y) anemometer z) barometer


Description : Synchronization is achieved by a timing device called a ................. which generates a periodic train of .................. (A) clock generator, clock pulse (B) master generator, clock pulse (C) generator, clock (D) master clock generator, clock pulse

Answer : Answer: A and D

Description : The device that converts computer output for transmission over telephone lines is called (1) interface (2) interpreter (3) modem (4) I/O port

Answer : modem

Description : A device which is used to limit the current in an electrical circuit is called a (1) Grid (2) Fuse (3) Hub (4) Conductor 

Answer : Fuse

Description : The device which converts sound energy into electrical energy is called (1) Amplifier (2) Speaker (3) Microphone (4) Transmitter

Answer : Microphone

Description : The microwave device working on the principal of Faraday rotation is called as: a. Rotary joint b. Circulator c. Isolator d. None of these

Description : Why is "RJ-45" cable called "RJ-45" ?

Answer : rj = registered jack 45 = is number of standard interface and contains 8 separate wires

Answer : The size of the induced electromotive force is proportional to the rate of change of theelectric current. ... The self-inductance of a coil, or simply its inductance, may thus be thought of as electromagnetic inertia, a property that opposes changes both in currents and in magnetic fields.

Description : State why a transformer always have an efficiency of more than 90%.

Answer : As transformer is static device with no moving parts, the losses due to friction & windage are completely absent. Hence transformer has efficiency of more than 90%.

Description : Even at no-load, a transformer draws current from the mains. Why?

Description : Why phasing out and polarity test is carried out on three phase transformer?

Answer : The phasing out test is carried out to identify the windings (primary and secondary) of corresponding phase of the three phase transformer. The polarity test is carried out to identify the ... identical polarity of the primary and secondary windings of each phase of the three phase transformer.

Description : Why Transformer rating is given in kVA?

Answer : 1) The output of transformer is limited by heating due to the losses. Two types of losses in the transformer (i) Iron loss, (ii) Copper loss. 2) Iron loss depends on the transformer voltage (V). ... by load power factor. - Hence the transformer output is expressed in VA or kVA and not in kW.

Description : About trnsformer

Answer : Acc to Ohms law V=IR but it is only applicable when our resistance R is constant, as in case of transformer we take impedence which is equivalent to resistance is not constant it varies with system parameters that why Ohms law not applicable in case of transformer

Description : List at least two examples that show how static electricity can be generated.

Answer : Examples of how static electricity can be generated include combing your hair, walking across a carpeted room, or sliding two pieces of plastic across each other.

Description : Briefly describe the electric field of a static charge.

Description : Define following term: (i) Precision (ii) Drift (iii) Static error (iv) Dead zone

Answer : (i) Precision: It is the measure of consistency or repeatability of measurements.   OR The closeness with which the individual measurements are departed or distributed about the average of number ... variable to which instrument does not respond. It is mainly due to friction in the instrument.

Description : State the static and dynamic characteristics of instruments. 

Answer : Static characteristics: i. Accuracy ii. Sensitivity iii. Reproducibility iv. Drift v.Static error vi. Dead zone vii. Repeatability viii. Precision ix Linearity  Dynamic characteristics: i. Speed of response ii. Measuring lag iii. Fidelity iv. Dynamic error

Description : Static electricity is produced by _____.

Answer : Static electricity is produced by friction

Description : A UPS commonly has following parts : (i) rectifier (ii) inverter (iii) static switch Which of the following is true ?   (a) only (i) (b) only (i) and (ii) (c) (i), (ii) and (iii) (d) only (ii) and (iii) 

Description : In a static over-current relay, inverse time characteristics are obtained by   (a) A differentiating circuit (b) An integrating circuit (c) A transistor amplifier (d) A transistor switch

Answer : B

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