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Because Transformer do not have any moving part hence transformer is called static device.
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Description : Why transistor is called as bipolar device.

Answer : BJT is called bipolar device because in BJT current conduction takes place due to majority as well as minority charge carriers that is because of electrons as well as holes.

Answer : Thyristor can only be turned on by small gate pulse but it cannot be turn off by using gate hence thyristor is called semi controlled device.

Answer : Thyristor can be turn on by positive gate pulse and the current will continue to flow through the device even when the gate voltage is low hence thyristor is called latching device.

Description : A device used for converting a.c. into d.c. is called (1) transformer (2) recticfier (3) induction coil (4) dynamo

Answer : recticfier

Description : State why transistor is called as a bipolar device.

Answer : In case of transistor (BJT), the current conduction takes place due to both electrons and holes, ie, due to both positive as well as negative polarity charge carriers. Therefore transistor is called a bipolar device.