what is Cuk converter and draw its waveforms.
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Cuk converter:

Cuk converter is the series combination of boost and the buck converter. The Cuk converter is the DC to DC converter whose output voltage is greater than or less the than the input voltage. The polarity of the output voltage is opposite of input voltage. Cuk converter has low ripple because of less switching component and use of an inductor in series at the input and at the output. Cuk converter can also be used with the isolated transformer form. By controlling the switch duty cycle the output voltage can be controlled.




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Description : Draw circuit diagram of symmetrical configuration of bridge converter.

Answer : circuit diagram of symmetrical configuration of bridge converter

Description : Give the operation of single phase full wave bridge controlled converter with RL load with a neat diagram. Also draw its waveform.

Answer : Single phase fully control bridge converter with RL load: 1. During positive half cycle of input voltage, T1 and T2 are forward biased and during negative half cycle, T3 and T4 are forward biased. Therefore, T1-T2 ... cycle till the firing of next pair of SCRs as shown in the waveform.

Description : Give the effect of source impedance on converter operation.

Answer : Effect of source impedance on converter operation: For single-phase fully controlled bridge converter, the SCRs are triggered in pairs alternately. During positive half-cycle of input, SCRs T1 and T2 are triggered ... increases and as a consequence, the output dc voltage decreases. 

Description : Draw a neat diagram of 1Ф half wave controlled converter with RL load. Give its operation.

Answer : Single phase fully controlled half wave converter:  The circuit diagram of single-phase half-wave controlled rectifier with RL load and without freewheeling diode is shown in Fig. (a). The SCR T is ... , when again pulse is applied, the SCR is turned on & the above cycle is repeated. 

Description : The percent resolution of an 8 -bit D/A converter is

Answer : The percent resolution of an 8 -bit D/A converter is 0.392