Schirmer’s test is used for diagnosing: a. Dry eye b. Infective keratitis c. Watering eyes d. Horner’s syndrome

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Description : A one-month old baby is brought with complaints of photophobia and watering. Clinical examination shows normal tear passages and clear but large cornea. The most likely diagnosis is: a. Congenital dacryocystitis b. Interstitial keratitis c. Keratoconus d. Buphthalmos 

Description : Proptosis is present in the following condition except: a. Horner's syndrome b. Orbital cellulitis c. Thyroid ophthalmopathy d. Cavernous sinus thrombosis  

Description : Ptosis in Horner's syndrome, is due to paralysis of: a. Riolan's muscle b. Horner's muscle c. Muller's muscle d. The levator palpebral muscle e. Orbicularis oculi muscle  

Description : A male patient 30 years old with visual acuity of 6/6 in both eyes. Twelve hours ago he presented with drop of vision of the left eye. On examination, visual acuity was 6/6 in the ... : a. Raised intra cranial pressure b. Raised ocular tension c. Central retinal artery occlusion d. Optic neuritis

Description : A female patient 18 years old, who is contact lens wearer since two years, is complaining of redness, lacrimation and foreign body sensation of both eyes. On examination, visual acuity ... uveitis. b. Giant papillary conjunctivitis. c. Bacterial corneal ulcer. d. Acute congestive glaucoma  

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