A 20 ohm resistor and a 60 ohm resistor are connected in parallel to a voltage source. If the current in the 60 ohm resistor is one ampere, the current in the 20 ohm resistor will be: w) 1/3 ampere x) 2/3 ampere y) 1 ampere z) 3 amperes
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Description : A 10 ohm and a 20 ohm resistor are connected in parallel to a current source. What fraction of the current flows through the 20 ohm resistor? w) 1/2 x) 1/3 y) 2/3 z) 3/4

Answer : ANSWER: X -- 1/3

Description : A resistor of value R/2 is connected in parallel with a resistor of value R/3. The voltage drop across the parallel combination is V. The total current supplied by the voltage source is: w) 2 V/R (read: 2 V over R) x) 3 V/R (read: 3 V over R) y) 4 V/R (read: 4 V over R) z) 5 V/R (read: 5 V over R)

Answer : ANSWER: Z -- 5 V/R

Description : A series circuit consists of a two ohm RESISTOR and a one ohm INDUCTOR. The relationship between current and voltage is: w) current will lag by 30 degrees. x) current will lag by 26 degrees. y) current will lead by 26 degrees. z) current will lead by 30 degrees.


Description : A transformer has a turns ratio of two to one. If a 100 ohm resistor is connected on the high side, its resistance as measured on the low side would be: w) 25 ohms x) 50 ohms y) 100 ohms z) 400 ohms

Answer : ANSWER: W -- 25 OHMS

Description : An LED is operated on a 12 volt automobile circuit. The voltage drop across the LED is 2 volts and the current must be limited to 50 milliamps to prevent its overheating and destruction. What size resistor must be used? w) 60 ohms x) 100 ohms y) 120 ohms z) 200 ohms

Answer : ANSWER: Z -- 200 OHMS