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Answer :

The main disadvantage of the Ward-Leonard control method is high initial cost, high maintenance cost, low efficiency at light loads.

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Last Answer : In Ward-Leonard control the lower limit of speed is imposed by residual magnetism of the generator.

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Last Answer : Ward-Leonard control is basically a voltage control method.

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Description : Write one advantage and one disadvantage each for spring control method and gravity control method.

Last Answer : Advantages of Spring Control Method: 1) The spring-controlled meters may be used in any position. 2) In some instruments, springs can be used as current leads. 3) As springs are light in weight ... only. 2) Scale is non-uniform. 3) Control weights add to the weight of instrument.

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Last Answer : Speed control by Ward Leonard method gives uniform speed variation in both directions.

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Description : List one advantage and one disadvantage of one wattmeter method. 

Last Answer : Advantages:  1) Only one wattmeter is used.  2) Less number of connections.  3) Cost required is less.  Disadvantages:  1) Used only for 3- Φ balanced load and not for ... be accessible for connecting the Pressure coil.  3) Delta connection must be opened to connect current coil. 

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Last Answer : For constant torque drive armature voltage control speed control method is preferred.

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Description : How to Choose a Birth Control Method

Last Answer : How to Choose a Birth Control Method Birth control methods depend on the couple's needs and commitment to the method. Some couples just need to prevent pregnancy while others wish to avoid sexually- ... unplanned sex, a broken condom or failure to take birth control pills two days in a row.

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Description : Illustrate with neat wiring diagram a single lamp control by two point method.

Last Answer : Single lamp control by two point method:  This system is commonly used for stair case wiring. It consists of two way switches (the switch operates always in one of the two possible positions) the ... the person will change the position of switch S2, so that the lamp will be switched OFF'.

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Description : Draw and explain bulk correction method for power factor & control.

Last Answer : Bulk correction method for power factor & control: i) Here individual starter controls the capacitors located at distribution panel. ii) Centralized compensation is employed in large industrial plants where many ... capacitor units in steps to maintain P.F. more than preset limit (0.95). 

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Description : Explain spring control method with neat diagram.

Last Answer : Spring Control Method: As shown in the figure the inner ends of the both springs are attahced to the spindle ,while outer end of upper spring is attached to the lever and outer end of ... the springs are twisted in opposite direction to the motion of pointer and produce controlling torque.

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Description : What is the main disadvantage of phase advancers?

Last Answer : It cannot be used for motors below 20 H.P.

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